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" a lán aici ach níos agam."

Translation:She has many but I have more.

April 2, 2015



Shouldn't the emphatic form be used here? ...tá níos mó agamsa.


I would agree that it would sound more natural, yes.


What's wrong with 'she has much but i have more' please?


What purpose does the "a" serve here? Also is "lán" a noun like "lot" is in "a lot" or is it an adjective?


Never mind, I actually found an entry for "a" that, I believe, answers both of my questions, haha. If it piques anyone else's interest, here is the entry direct from teanglann.ie: "a7, particle used with abstract nouns denoting degree. (Lenites) How. A ghéire a labhair sí, how sharply she spoke. Bhí iontas orm a dhonacht a bhí sé, I was surprised that he was so bad. Agus a dhaoire a chosain siad dó, considering how dearly they cost him."

It seems like this "a" can be translated as "how" or "so," as an intensifier.


The FGB entry for lán at teanglann.ie is probably a bit more relevant, and it says that this a is the possessive adjective a ("its", "his", "hers", "their")

(With poss.a. a) A lán uisce - "much water". A lán daoine - "many people". Mar a shíl a lán againn - "as many of us thought". Is fíor a lán de - "a lot of it is true". Shiúil sé a lán - "he travelled a great deal". Deir sé a lán nach bhfuil sa phaidir - "he says more than his prayers"

The page for a that you referenced also explicitly lists a lán under "a5, poss. a. ... 3. (In certain idiomatic phrases) A chéile - "each other". A lán - "much, many".


I am confused. I translated Tá níos mó agam a few steps back as I have more and I was told it was wrong. I should have written I want more, the voice said.


You are indeed confused. You weren't asked to translate tá níos mó agam, you were asked to translate tá níos mó uaim.

Tá níos mó bia uaim - https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/10675168
Ocht madra? Tá níos mó uaim - https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/7605595

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