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  5. "Él exige más comida."

"Él exige más comida."

Translation:He demands more food.

December 18, 2012



Why is "He requires more food" a wrong translation?


When I think of him demanding more food, I picture a fat man sitting at the end of a table slamming his fists on the table shouting "MORE FOOD!", while "he requires more food" makes me think of a sick weak boy on a bed who needs to eat more food to live.


EXIGER: to demand, to urge, to require. (from Barron's 501 Spanish Verbs). I can see how you would want to use "require," but seems like better to go with REQUERIR for that feeling.


Can I also substitute exige with demanda? Will it be the same?


I believe this translates into English as: He asks for more food. It is similar to French, demander.

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