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Highest Skill points in a day.

I would like to know whats been your personal high score in a day. I motivate myself by checking how I'am doing through each day, and always try to beat yesterday's score.

My highest score in a day: 609

I hope to see the scores from you guys!

September 6, 2013



Here's one tip if you just want to earn higer scores, if you're good at english + one extra lenguage (like my spanish-english I guess) , you can use the "Lesson Practice" button, and timed practice mode, and answer over and over again, as fast as you can (using just the keyboard NEVER the mouse) and you'll get really high scores... let's see the maths:

1 correct answer = +1 coin, no matter if you finish the practice or not. if you're really fast, you can answer sentence in a media of 7, 5, may be 3 seconds. icluding dead times, and wrong answers, let's suppose you can anser in about 6 seconds. It means you can EASILY get 10 ansers per minute.

then 600/10 = 60, so you can get about 600 points in just an hour.

I'm not lying about it I get about 170 points in about 15 minutes a few days ago... And i think i'm not the fastest person you can find

Plus my english is just good, but not really good.

But I guess not all the coins have the same value... i'm always focusing in learn something new, those are the coins that really matters.

If you don't believe that just try it and you'll see.

Peace out.


Yes, I see your point. In my case I dont do it for the points, sure it motivates me, but what I like the most is practicing and learning more with every time practise I take :P


Just to prove my point i tried my best: the result. 65 points in 10 minutes. Less than i thought but still easy points.


65 points in 10 minutes means every 1 minute 40 seconds you have got 10 points. We need to answer 20 questions in 100 seconds. It seems impossible to me. But you have mentioned as ten questions, were you getting 10 points for 10 questions n earlier days.

My best is every 3 minutes i answer 20 questions. At my best i can get 20*10 = 200 points. How could you manage 600 is a wonder to me.


For some reason the arrow keys don't work for me with drop-down menus, and I have no choice but to use the mouse.


Ten answers wont get you ten points, you need twenty answers to get you ten points.

So we come down from 600 points to 300 points in an hour. 0 answers in two minutes is too much of a ask, might be possible only for simple questions. For tougher rounds you need at leat 3 minutes for 20 answers. That takes us down to 200 points per hour, which i belive is realistic (some what).

I guess for a good learner 200 points per hour is a relalistic upper target. For a decent learner it should be 160 points. For a moderate on 100 points.

600 Points per hour I think is unattainable to any above avergae person, which i consider myself.


Provided you are a learner, higher points must be possible for those who have decent command.


What is your basic language? (Like what do you speak , I speak English as you can)


The second day I joined DL I was sick, so with nothing to do, I decided to practice all day! I got about 700 points that day! :) In three days I had over 1000 points!


I got over 15,000 points in one day. I speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, so I tested into all of the languages. I got between 2000 and 3,500 points for each language immediately. I already attained levels from English to Spanish, English to French and English to Portuguese so the points I got were actually from testing from Spanish to English, Spanish to French, Spanish to Portuguese, French to English, French to Spanish, French to Portuguese, and also Portuguese to English, Portuguese to Spanish and Portuguese to French. I think they call it reversing when you go from your foreign language to your native language and laddering when you go from one foreign language to another. English is my native language, but it was actually easier going from French to Spanish and vice-versa. The hardest part wasn't the language rather phrasing it so that Duolingo would accept it. You have to be too literal in the translations. Even though Portuguese and Spanish are so similar, Portuguese was the worst because Duolingo really does weird things in Portuguese. One minute they mark you off for not using a pronoun and then another time they mark you off for using a pronoun for no rhyme or reason. It guess that's what happens when you test into the language. You don't have a chance to see how they translated the sentences. Also, some of the translations are just grammatically incorrect or not said that way. Having said that, Duolingo is free and is amazing and addictive. I can learn to overlook some of the oddities and perhaps they will make the corrections we recommend.


Wow, I am new. You have done really well!!!


:) Thanks, I just simply love learning German, sometimes it gets a bit frustating, but, if it was easy it would be boring. And good thing that you found this site, its a great one, and if you work hard and put time and effort in it, youll learn French very fast :)


I do apologise for "bumping" an old thread, but does anyone happen to know if there be a built-in function within Duolingo which can display one's best scores achieved in a day? (Was it simply a matter of people recording their points at the time of achieving to study later/post here?)

Thanks, Adam


Don't think so. Actually you bring up a good point - the site could use with real time data reports. See your history, find out what types of words you fail at most (ex: nouns, prepositions), how you rate against the average folks learning the language, what the daily average is across all users for that language, etc....


Yes, indeed - well put! I'd definitely like to see these implemented.


I started yesterday and i'm on 300, Not lying


280 points in 30 minutes and I'm only 12


I'm not exactly sure, but I'll probably start keeping track as a way to motivate myself. The streak counter has been a great feature to keep me active each day.

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