"Finland is in northern Europe."

Translation:Finland ligger i Nordeuropa.

April 2, 2015

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bit confused about when to use "norde/norra", "söder/södra" as i remember from previous examples: söder sverige is southern sweden, then why "nordeuropa" and "nordnorge" not "norra europa" "norra norge"?


Well, you can always use södra (southern/the south of) and norra (northern/the north of). It wouldn't be wrong to say "norra Europa" or "norra Norge". If you construct a word like Sydsverige (Söder Sverige is ungrammatical) or Nordeuropa it sounds a bit more specific though, like it's a defined area and not just "the north of". However, this is quite complicated and maybe someone else can explain a rule for this. For example you can't say Söder Sverige as söder is not an adjective but a noun or an adverb that would require a preposition. "Danmark ligger söder om Sverige."

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