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  5. "Beşten sonra görüşürüz."

"Beşten sonra görüşürüz."

Translation:See you after five.

April 2, 2015



Is beşten in ablative because sonra follows it?


Can this translate as "We see you after five o'clock"?


literally ""We see you after five o'clock"? would be "seni saat beşten sonra görürüz"

görüşmek (görüşürüz) is an "işteş/reciprocal" fiil in Turkish, so it just means the person who is talking, the person being talked to, will see each other. Therefore the subject is not "we".


why "beştan" and not "beşta"?


Firstly, it is 'beşte' and 'beşten' due to the vowel harmony. And secondly, '-den sonra' is just how it is used. You can think of that as you are leaving a point, going away from the point 'five'.


i didnt got it... could you explain it again please? :) i am not good with grammar


Of course. There is rule in Turkish called vowel harmony which you can find about in tips and notes. And about ablative case... If you are going to use 'sonra' with a period you don't use anything other. But if you are going to use it with a point in time it should be used with ablative.

EX: Üç gün sonra görüşürüz. (See you three days later.) (period)

<pre> Saat 11'den sonra yatağa gidiyorum. (I am going to/will go to bed after 11.) (point) Gelecek haftadan sonra sınavım yok. (I don't have exams after next week.) (point, kinda) 5 ay sonra evleniyorlar.(They marry 5 months later.) (period) Mayıstan sonra okula gitmiyoruz.(We are not going to school after may.) (point,kinda) </pre>


So if i got it right, with countable period of time (üç gün, 5 ay etc.) we don't add the ablative;with uncountable period of time we do add the ablative


I was use that "5:00dan sonra görüşürüz." Why it is wrong


Guys, how could I say: "See you 5 hours later" ^_^ [which case]? THX! :* ®


Beş saat sonra görüşürüz :) No cases (besides the nominative) needed :)


Why isn't there the need of "saat" here?


You can say "Saat beşten sonra görüşürüz." but "saat" is optional, it is not necessary


What's the 5 referring to here? Minutes? Is it the same as "see you in 5 [minutes]"?


o'clock. :)

See you after five AM/PM


why is it ablative?


because you have to use the ablative case before sonra, just grammer we gave to memorize

okuldan sonra,, after the school


Why does the ablative ending go onto beş and not onto sonra? In an earlier exercise (Dört buçukta görüşürüz.) the ablative ending wasn't on the numeral but on buçuk. What is the rule for where the ablative is added?


If I wanted to say : see you after five minutes it would be : beşten dakkika sonra görüşürüz , right ?


See you five minutes later: Beş dakika sonra görüşürüz.


See you at past five was marked wrong


I think that is probably because it is something you just wouldn't say in English.


What's the difference between bes, bese, besten, beste and besi?. Sorry i don't have Turkish keyboard


beş: five

beşe: to five

beşten: from five

beşte: at five

"beşi" 10 geçe: 10 past "five"


Will see you after five is considered incorrect. Where is see you after five is correct. Why?


Why did we add ten to bes


I wonder how could I say "see you after 5:20" ? Is it possible to use geçe and sonra in this sentence


Yes it is possible:

5 past 20 > 5'i 20 geçe

after 5 past 20 > 5'i 20 geçeden sonra

see you after 5:20> (saat) 5:20'den sonra görüşürüz (görüşmek üzere)

see you after 5 past 20 > 5'i 20 geçeden sonra görüşmek üzere (görüşürüz)


Teşekkür ederim! It is clear to me now :]


I have a problem with duolingo. It became slower and slower. Now it does not update any longer. I don't know what to do. Can someone please help?


5:00 should be accepted.


Is this a typical sentence in Turkish? I can't imagine planning to meet someone "after five" without at least adding something a bit more specific like "a little" or saying something like "around five" instead...


Yes this sentence is a typical sentence. They can meet after five. If meeting before 5 is not possible and exact time is undetermined this is a typical usage. They can fix the exact time before meeting with a phone call etc. Also saying "around five" is possible: "(Saat) beş gibi görüşürüz."


Let's say it's morning right now and later you're getting off work at 5:00, and You're talking to your friend. you tell your friend that you'll come over after work, but you're not sure if you'll stay a little late at work or not. Your friend can say, "ok, see you after five"

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