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  5. "Pasta şekerlidir."

"Pasta şekerlidir."

Translation:The cake is with sugar.

April 2, 2015



So would you say this rather than for example the cake has sugar? (pastanin seker var- i think?)


'The cake has sugar.'='Pastanın şekeri var.' 'There is sugar in the cake.'='Pastada şeker var.' Even though 'Pastanın şekeri var.' is gramatically correct, it does not sound right to me. When we talk about a dish and say that it has some ingredient in it we say ' D-de(/da) I var.' (where D=some dish, I=some ingredient) or we say ' D I-lıdır(/lidir).'


What would 'pasta şekerlidir' really mean, then? An alternative way to say the cake contains sugar? Or is extra sugar added at the last moment, with a sieve?


I would also like to know this... no idea what it means for a cake to be with sugar.


Why its not pasta sekerli i dont understant dir its for what


So either 'in the cake, sugar exists' or 'the cake with sugar is'. Right thanks. So if would ask for kahve sutlu, but say kahvi sutludir to mean coffee with milk, and the coffee has milk respectively?


To ask for coffee with milk, one says "sütlü kahve (lütfen)". To state that coffee has milk one says "Kahve sütlü." or "Kahve sütlüdür."


Ah, of course is that becuase you are turning milk into an adjective, and they should come before the subject, so buyuk hahve etc. Thanks for clarifying that.


Why is (Cake with Sugar) Wrong ?


The Cake IS with Sugar.

I guess that means they are in a Relationship together, idk. The Sentences get more and more confusing.


If you trying to explain the fact that " the cake has sugar in it" then you should say "Sweet cake"


What exactly does the suffix "-dir" at the end of sekerli mean?


I've seen online that -dir means something along the lines of 'to have' or 'to be', but when I asked my dad (he's from Turkey), he said it wasn't a thing.


It refers to "is"


When should i use "ile " or "le" ? Thanks in advance .


So, why is a coffee without sugar (pardon spelling) sekersiz bir kahve and cake with sugar pasta sekerlidir. I would have thought that a coffee without sugar would be like this and (at a maximum) bir kahve sekersizdir


At the time of writing, saying "cake is with sugar" is considered to be incorrect and apparently the "the" is needed.

If that is the case, how would you translate "cake is with sugar" to Turkish?


is that even true in english ? i mean doesn't it have to be the cake or cakes ?


Hmm, I think so in the same way that you can say "milk has cream" or "eggs have protein" i.e. in general.


As a native English speaker I can tell you we might say (for example to someone supposed to be dieting who takes some cake): "Cake contains sugar." or "Cakes are sugary." as general statements. So are they correct translations?


Yeah, I agree. As a native (US) English speaker I can easily imagine, say, talking to a friend who's trying to stick to a diet and saying something like "Don't order cake. You just said you can't eat anything with refined sugar. Cake has sugar!"


i answered 'cake has sugar in it' and was marked correct. maybe it's about being clear about where the sugar is in relation to the cake...


"Cake is with sugar" seemed wrong to me. It actually means "Pasta şekerledir." not "Pasta şekerlidir.". The exact sentence should have been "Cake is sugary."


"Cakes are sugary" or "the cake is sugary" is much more natural for me

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