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  5. "Ona altıncı kez başladım."

"Ona altıncı kez başladım."

Translation:I started that for the sixth time.

April 2, 2015



Is this a possibility? 'I started it the sixth time' - in other words I triedto start it five times before I was successful the sixth time


I was wondering the same thing


Does başlamak always take the dative (here ona)?


yes. there is also transitive version of it: başlatmak. it takes accusative form

başlamak = to begin

başlatmak = to cause to happen or begin


Brilliant, thank you to you both!


I have come across several Turkish transitive-intransitive verb pairs on DL, but it seems that it is not usually like 'one verb being used transitively, the other verb being used intransitively'. Based on your and Ektoraskan's comments, for example, başlamak may be used both transitively and intransitively, and besides there is another verb, başlatmak, which is used transitively. Are there different forms of transitive grammar which require the use of one verb (e.g., başlamak) versus the other (e.g., başlatmak)?


Yes. Bir şey-E başlamak, we say.

Note that başlamak is also usable intransitively:

Ders başladı. = The lesson started.


oh come on this "i started it for the 6th time" should be accepted right?


Seems so. What about 'I began it for the sixth time.' ?


In the slow pronunciation it is pronounced as Ona altı kez başladım instead of altıncı.


Yeah I appreciated that too, and the 'normal' speed is ridiculous.


Is Sixth times better than Sixth time or not? Because it is plural.


You could say "I started it six times, but the meaning would be different ("Ona altı kez başladım", I suppose). Then you are talking about all the six times you started it, and you use plural.

"I started it for the sixth time" (= this was the sixth time I had ever started it) or "I started it the sixth time" (= I tried five times and then managed to start it on the sixth try) consider only the single, sixth time, and you use singular.


Shouldn't be "onu" ?? "Onu başladım"


no, "Onu başladım" makes no sense. And it is also explained above.


Does "it" stands for "that" here??


Are kez and kere the same?

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