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Should I use the Spanish interface instead of English to learn other Romance languages?

Hi friends, I am learning French (mostly) and a little Italian through English. I am wondering if I can learn these Romance languages faster through Spanish (my mother tongue) instead, because of the similarities in grammatical structure and vocabulary. What are your experiences and/or recommendations on this? Btw, I am not worried about my English skills because I am fully fluent and I use it all the time, I just want to learn French as quickly as possible :) I'd appreciate your insights! Thanks! Gracias! Grazie! Merci beaucoup !

April 2, 2015



Yes, it'd probably be faster for you. The grammar translates better, and you'll pick up on both shared vocabulary and false friends more easily.


It will be easier to learn Italian and French from Spanish. But if you want to learn them from English that will be also helpful to improve your English and maybe get new vocabulary.


Do both. Do it from Spanish if you're considering doing it really fast. Then do it from English for fun! It will reinforce what you already learned and maybe add a new perspective.


Maybe that's not a problem for Spanish, for to me, as a European Portuguese native speaker, it's a nightmare to learn any language through Portuguese in Duolingo - it's Brazilian Portuguese, and the grammar and vocabulary allowed in the answers aren't flexible enough for Portuguese speakers form Portugal to get it right :(

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