"Hon passerar."

Translation:She is passing by.

April 2, 2015

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Could you use this for passing exams as well? Eftersom jag passerar inte... :/


No. Passera is just to pass by spatially or in time. For passing an exam, I'd say klara en tenta.


You know, given the previous question, I was sure this was referring to death as well.


True. What could be the Swedish version of "passing away"?


går bort. Passerar on its own does not have this meaning in Swedish.


Thanks a lot, Arnauti, take my lingot!


Can this aply to the road?


I dont fully get the diffetence between passerar and passerer. Could someone explain that to me?


Passerar means "pass" in Swedish.

Passerer means "pass" in Danish and Norwegian.

That is the difference. For the Swedish course: passerer has no meaning. For the Danish and Norwegian courses: passerar has no meaning. It does not exist. It is a spelling error.


How would one say: "He passes me the ball?" Do you use the same word as in english? :Han passerar mig ballen??


Please don't ever say that, that sounds really terrible for reasons Duo wants you to discover in the wild.
We say Han passar bollen till mig.


opps... that surely does not sound good. I'll pay attention to it. Thanks for the RIGHT translation. :D


What is the difference between passerar and passar ?


passerar can be 'walks/travels by somewhere' or 'strain' or 'mash' as in 'making apple sauce from apples'
passar can be 'fits' (the clothes fit) and it's also used in sports for passing someone the ball.


"Passar" can also mean to watch someone in the sense of "Jag passar min systerson över helgen." "I am watching my nephew for the weekend."

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    Can this mean to pass as in to reject an offer


    No. If someone offers you something, you can say Jag passar but that's more like I pass like in a game of cards.
    Otherwise the options would be tackar nej ('declines', 'says no thank you') or står över which would probably be closest.


    I seem to hear Swedes use "förbi" more than "passera". Is there much of a difference between the two?


    förbi is just an adverb, the whole phrase is gå förbi. But yes, gå förbi (or åka förbi, if it's about traveling in a vehicle) is more idiomatic and more common than passera.


    Would you use passerar to ask someone to pass the salt or pepper? Ex. Kan du passera saltet?


    No, you would say "Kan du skicka saltet?" or "Kan du ge mig saltet?"


    Would "Hon passerar bort." or some other use of passerar mean she is dying (passing to the afterlife?)


    No, the closest translation would be "Hon går bort", literally "She goes away" (and not referring specifically to any afterlife).


    I'm having trouble getting some of the grammar straight. What's the difference between "passerar" and "passerer"?


    "Passerar" is a real word and "passerer" isn't. I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the intricacies of grammar to know why some verbs end in -ar and some in -er.


    Can this be seen as "stroll"?


    In general meaning I suppose so, but "passerar" has a bit more of a formal vibe to it. I would translate "She strolls by" as "Hon vandrar/promenerar förbi".


    Is this also like being passed on the freeway?


    Yes, although that's transitive, so you can't just passera - you always passerar [something or someone].


    I'd just like to comment on how this question was presented (fill in the blank from two choices). I really like this method, especially when the options are close/easily confused (at least by me: passerer vice passerar).


    I'm confussed. Used passerer and it was ok, but this one wanted passerar?


    It's never passerer. If it was in a "type what you hear" exercise, those unfortunately don't show typos. It's a very annoying bug.


    I don't understand the difference between the two choices; passerar and passerer

    [deactivated user]

      Swedish has verb groups. Different groups conjugate differently. The verb "passera" (infinitive) is of the group that you just add -r in the present tense so it becomes passera-r.

      Passerer isn't a conjugation of this verb.

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