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"Devlet halkı korumak için vardır."

Translation:The government exists to protect the public.

April 2, 2015



Mods: I just came across this sentence in the -miş skill - I'm guessing it shouldn't be there?


This is in the "-miş" but we don't teach the verb "korumak" until this point. We thought it would be a good idea not only to break the habit of only seeing sentences with the reported past tense, but also to give more practice for the forms of this verb :)


Can't "the" be omitted in "... to protect the people." Halkı is not definite in this sentence.


It is in the accusative. The nominative is "halk:


I think "government" should be translated as "hükümet" or "the state" should be used for "devlet"


I considered that as well.


Governments exist because they are protected by cops and armies. We are ungovernable.


In English the sentence 'Government exists to protect the public' is also correct, although the reference is to governments generally and not to a specific government. How is this difference expressed in Turkish, or is this translation also correct without the 'the'?


I think you would need to say 'bu devlet' to be specific.


"Devlet halkı korumak için vardır." Translation: The government exists to protect the public.


The government exists to protect the people. Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

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