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Bug with lesson's discussion/sentence's translation


I've never started any topic here and firstly would like to thank Duolingo team for the opportunitues you give us:) Particularly, I'm very grateful for the Spanish course!

The reason I write now is that I mentioned a bug on Duo and didn't find its discussion. Maybe you can fix it:) Several times I had problem with discussion pop-up window in lessons, when I made mistake and wanted to see the details. Translation of the sentence wasn't there! It does not happen often and it's not a big problem, howerer, it confuses. Windows8, Chrome 29.0.1547.62 m https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1235451_10200409992034877_853726955_n.jpg

September 6, 2013

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Thanks for reporting this. We'll try to fix it soon!

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