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Lessons show gold on mobile version when they actually aren't

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Hi, I have a quite annoying issue since I finished my Spanish from English tree. All the lessons always show as if they're golden even if they aren't. This only seems to be this way on my app (for Android), when I go to the website (either on my cellphone itself or a computer) it shows their actual status. When I go into a level on my cellphone, the golden background does suddenly change to its actual color.

My apologies if this was already reported by someone else, I couldn't find any other topics about it. Is there something I can do about this?

April 3, 2015



What happens if you force the app to refresh by scrolling all the way up so you get the owl peeking from the top of the screen?

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Doesn't seem to make any difference, I don't know what you mean with a peeking owl though cause I don't get that. Also, I forgot to mention my XP appears to be frozen at 6857 on my app while it's actually already over 7500 by now.


In iOS, when you try to scroll past the edge of the screen, you get a sort of "bounce" effect. You can also do that to manually refresh the screen, like for new mail or tweets.

In any case, it sounds like you're not connecting consistently, which is similar to a problem others have seen recently. Someone a few days ago--who couldn't connect at all--discovered that logging out and back in again made everything hunky-dory. Might be worth a shot. Also worth doing (in this order): clearing your network preferences, restarting your phone , and reinstalling the app.

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