Microphone help

I am speaking very slowly and articulately, but when I do the speaking questions, the computer has great difficulty recognizing what I say and then retaining it long enough to make a sentence out of it. I know my accent isn't that bad! Please advise.

April 3, 2015


I recommend turning the microphone off and just saying everything out loud. That is what I did and I get more practice this way. You'll just need to make sure to follow through. :)

I could do that. I already repeat everything aloud anyway, because I am having such a difficult time reading it in Dutch phonics, rather than German phonics.

Turn up the input volume as high as possible. Also experiment with placement of the mic, the location where you're using it (ambient noise can be louder than you think), and those don't help, try a different browser/mess with your plugin settings.

also good suggestions

The microphone is built into the laptop, so I can only do so much about placement. I'll see what I can do about input volume.

Mine is on my laptop too, and I find that adjusting the angle of the screen and/or how far my face is from the screen helps a surprising amount. But the input volume was the most helpful for me.

You could try a set of headphones with built in mic which usually helps with dictation.

However my experience of the speaking exercises are very mixed. I have said words correctly and been marked incorrect and other times I have spoken total garbage which was marked OK.

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