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"The question"

Translation:An cheist

April 3, 2015



An cheist = the question?


Yes. ceist = (a) question. It's lenited after an because it's a feminine noun.


Would you say, in all of your wisdom, galaxyrocker, that as a rule of thumb it would be helpful to learn the genders of nouns AS YOU LEARN the noun itself?

In languages where the preceding article also has a gender (such as the romance languages), children learn the noun and its gender as a sort of indivisible unit. Does it work like that in Irish as well, for those who learn it in the home from the cradle onward?

It just appears that it would make things easier for old fogies like myself who are learning Irish in this newfangled format, long after their brains have lost the sponginess and elasticity that children's brains have in spades.


But not if it's plural? A previous result was "the questions"="na ceisteanna", apparently correct. Or is that in error? Thanks.


No, not if it's plural. Only after an

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