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What to do when you get to the end?

I've got through all the lesson stages and wondering if there is anything else I can do apart from translations. I am on level 16 and I saw someone listed as level 20, is translating the only way to progress?

May 12, 2012



Translating is whole point of Duolingo. It's the way to improve your language skills and to contribute to making the web more accessible. The lessons are just to get you started with translating. The purpose of Duolingo is to translate the web.


@Bill You do still get points and move up levels for translating, but it's probably more rewarding for people learning the language rather than someone who is already proficient. Learning is the real reward.


Yes, it seems so. Although of course the sample phrases used in the lesson stages are not really enough to lay a solid groundwork for good translating. Unfortunately, Duolingo is not yet at a point where it can be used as the exclusive tool to acquire language proficiency starting from the beginning. Let's hope it will be soon.


@CB I want to help translate the web of course, but altruism soon fades if it is not stimulated with reward - at least for me :-) I want to score points or have some other measure of progress otherwise the daily dose of translation becomes a chore rather than a stimulation and a pleasure. Imagine just doing 200 kaptchiks a day ... I used to proof read for project Gutenberg, a fantastic project. I don't know why I don't do it any more, it was never a conscious decision not to, I suppose it just lost its sparkle ... I like games though. The duolingo course was like a video game with random penalties here and there to spice it up, I enjoyed the challenge of beating the weepy owl, but now I feel a bit bored. I've started the French course, it seems a bit flakier than Spanish but I'm only up to level 6, hopefully it will get better.

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