"What a good application!"

Translation:Vilken bra ansökning!

April 3, 2015

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Why isnt it vad?


This sentence is a bit tricky, in that the English expression isn't "what" but rather "what a", and that translates to vilken (or vilket, for ett-words) in Swedish.


That explains why I got marked incorrect for using the definite article! Thanks.


I assumed "vilket" would act like "det" when used to introduce a new subject - always neuter regardless of gender of subject, but (apparently) I was wrong. - t. ex. "Det är min bror." but, "Vilken bra bror".


That's a very reasonable assumption, I can see why it'd be easy to think that.


It could be both, but the correct form is "Vilken"


So what is 'applikation' then?


Most commonly, an app for your phone or computer.


What is the difference between applying for a job and an app for your smartphone? Are both ansökning?


Nope, the latter would be applikation, although like in English, everyone just says app for short.


I also used "applikation" as in the context, I thought it was referring to what a good app Duolingo is.


Vilken bra applikation!

Why is this not allowed as a correct answer, without context there is literally no chance of knowing whether you're talking about a job application or a anther type of application (for example an application for a smart phone or tablet) and as such both versions of the answer is correct. I'm a native speaker of Swedish and decided to do this test for fun and got this one wrong, because it doesn't allow for my interpretation of the sentence which is correct.


Mate, it was just a missing translation. I've added it now.


Why not ett or en before ansokning? i am aware there is a rule but i don't remember it


It's honestly just idiomatic. The English "what a..." simply is vilken... in Swedish. (Or vilket/vilka, of course.)


Ansökning is the same as ansökan (http://runeberg.org/hoppe/0018.html) and is only used for job-application. Without the context of job, it should be translated: vilken bra app(likation). Isn't it?


That is incorrect. Please note that your source is almost a century old and does not - at least in this case - apply to modern Swedish.


Jag é göteborgare o tycker att det låter lite skevt å säga ansökning... Kanske é mer en dialektal grej men jag säger ansökan. Nån annan?


I wrote above that

Prescriptivists might argue that ansökan is the better option, since ansökning once fell out of fashion and is still regaining traction. Neither is clearly better than the other, in my opinion.

... and I think that still works as a summary. :)


How would you say if you'd use the word application in the context of "what a good way of applying something somewhere" e.g. "What a good application of an old car tire"?


Some variation of användning might work. :)


But "vilken bra tillämpning" (thinking about "tillämpad forskning" / "applied research") was not accepted.


but Vilken bra användning is not accepted! Shouldn't it be?


"Vilken bra app" marked wrong. Vi säger bara App på svenska, så detta borde definitivt accepteras

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