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Help Us Create an Amazing Listening Resource: Add Turkish Videos to LyricsTraining.com

UPDATE Thank you all again for your help! There is now a Turkish badge on the site, which means anyone can now easily search for Turkish videos. This wouldn't have happened without your help!! :)


I’d like your help.

You may or may not have heard of LyricsTraining.com. This site is super helpful as a listening comprehension exercise. You follow along with the lyrics (karaoke style!) of a song, and occasionally you have to type in a missing word. There is also a “multiple choice” option, as well as 4 different difficulty levels.

Unfortunately, if you go there hoping to practice with some Turkish videos, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

There are no published videos in Turkish that I am aware of. There are, however, pending videos that are waiting for review. You can't find these easily through the site unless you know the title. However, if you have a direct link to a video, you can still access it even though it can’t be found publicly on the site.

My goal is to compile a list of Turkish videos that have been added to the site and post it here so that all the Duolingo Turkish Learners can immediately benefit from an amazing listening exercise.

That’s where you come in!

1) It would be super helpful if anyone could add Turkish videos to the site. It’s actually really easy to do! And once you’re done, if you provide the link here, I will edit this post to keep a Master List. The Master List will ensure that we can immediately practice with the videos rather than wait for them to be reviewed and published to the site. But the more times a video is played, the faster it gets reviewed, so it’s definitely a win-win situation!

2) If you can’t help by adding videos, I’d love it if you suggested songs for the rest of us to add to the site.

How to Make Sure Your Lyrics Aren't Already on the Site

  1. Make sure the language bar at the top of the screen shows "Language" instead of, say, "Spanish."

  2. Search for a Turkish artist or song title.

  3. When you get to the page that says "Sorry, no results," check the box that says "Pending to Review." This will show you whether someone has already added the song you're thinking about adding.

How to Add Lyrics

  1. Create a free account at lyricstraining.com.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, there are three dots to the right of your profile picture. Click these to show a drop-down menu, and select My Lyrics

  3. Click Add Lyrics

  4. Use the Search bar to find a video on YouTube. If possible, select the official video of the song.

  5. Fill in a few Details such as Genre, Difficulty, and of course Language. The title and artist should be filled in automatically. Don’t forget to periodically click Save.

  6. Click on the Lyrics tab at the bottom to start working on the lyrics. Go find the lyrics online and simply copy-paste the entire block of lyrics into the first line.

  7. Play the video and click on the space to the left of each line as soon as that line is being sung … So just listen and click! If you mess up, it’s not a big deal … just go back to the right spot in the video and click more accurately.

  8. When you are done, click Preview and SAVE THE LINK OR BOOKMARK THE PAGE!!! This is the link we’ll need to access your video. You can go back to revise your lyrics under "My Lyrics," but make sure the language bar shows "All Languages" at the very top of the screen. Otherwise it will not show you your Turkish vids.

  9. Click again on the Details tab below. On the right-hand side, change the status from Draft to Pending Review. Click Save.

That’s all there is to it! :)

I think that’s it from me … Teşekkürler!


  1. Bazen - Yaşim Salkım
  2. Farketmeden - Demet Evgar
  3. Yalnızlık Senfonisi - Sertab Erener
  4. Hep Yaşın 19 - M.F.Ö.
  5. Gülpembe - Barış Manço
  6. Dudu - TARKAN
  7. Hatasız Kul Olmaz - TARKAN
  8. Kadıköy - Ezginin Günlüğü
  9. Fırtına - Yeni Türkü
  10. Bir Derdim Var - Mor Ve Ötesi
  11. Unutulmuyor - Hande Yener
  12. Hadi O Zaman - Nazan Öncel Feat. Tarkan
  13. Yoruldum - Sila
  14. Şımarık - Tarkan
  15. Kuzu Kuzu - Tarkan
  16. Bu Sabah Yağmur Var İstanbul'da - MFÖ
  17. Her şey Biter - Melis Danışmend
  18. Benzemez Kimse Sana - MÜZEYYEN SENAR & TARKAN
  19. Ateş Edecek Misin? - Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz
  20. Ah Istanbul - Sezen Aksu
  21. Düşler Sokağı - Feridun Düzağaç
  22. Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer - Hadise
  23. Evlenmeliyiz - Hadise
  24. Yeminim Var - Demet Akalın
  25. İyileşmiyor - Gece
  26. Gidersen - Jehan Barbur
  27. Sil Baştan - Şebnem Ferah
April 3, 2015



I'll add some recommendations, in case someone has time:


classical songs [These songs might have many outdated words]:

Turkish folk songs: [Warning, these may have some "accents", not really strong ones though, that's also why I haven't added anything from the eastern Blacksea region, those are very difficult to understand for learners)


"hatasız kul olmaz"daki soru eki olan "mi"leri ayırabilir misin rica etsem :)


Oh gosh!! Thank you for your help! :D Teşekkürler, teşekkürler, teşekkürler!


I've prepared a song that is not on the list you guys gave.

It's a song that I particularly like:

Melis Danişmend - Her şey biter:


Some lines might not be perfectly synchronized as this is a pretty new thing for me, but I hope you guys will enjoy it.


Thank you for your help!!!

By the way, don't forget to change it from Draft to Pending to Review - that way it will eventually be publicly displayed on the site once admins approve it (and people won't need a direct link in order to see it). :D


Oh right! I just did it. :)


Tarkan and Müzeyyen Senar - Benzemez Kimse Sana



Hadise - Aşk kaç beden giyer: http://lyricstraining.com/play/H1St7I4491#!Dkenneth Hadise - Evlenmeliyiz: http://lyricstraining.com/play/HSt7I4V49S#!Dkenneth

(I'll add some other songs later tonight!)


Tarkan-Şımarık is ready http://lyricstraining.com/edit/H4Vxsil4A4

MFÖ- Bu sabah yağmur var İstanbul'da is ready http://lyricstraining.com/edit/Hxsilzh4Ax


When I check "my lyrics" I don't see any lyrics that I added. Is this because Turkish is not on their list? Is it the same for you?


You have to make sure no language is selected at the very top of the screen. Set it back to simply "All Languages" and it should show you your Turkish vids. :)


ah you are so clever :D


I will try to add simple songs that are like daily normal speech :D

here the first one:


I will update it as I add


I contacted them and many of them are published today :) We'll have our Turkish badge soon, and for now you can find songs using http://lyricstraining.com/search?lang=tr


Great idea!

However, I think you should give a short explanation on how to add lyrics/video. I just created an account and don't see this option :) I haven't looked around a lot but at least it is not on the homepage so an explanation would help everyone.

and how can you search for videos available in Turkish? Turkish is not one of the languages on the drop-down menu


You got it! I'll add it to the main post. :)

Oh, and as for searching for videos in Turkish, you're not able to do that right now. There haven't been any submitted and approved Turkish videos yet, which is what I'd like to change. ;) But since it apparently takes the site admins a really long time to approve new videos, having a direct link to the videos that people add will let us use them immediately. So we're sort of circumventing the problem by creating a running list of videos that people add. :)


great, thanks.

If you added other songs, can you add the names of them (and links, as this seems to be the only solution now), so that people don't spend time adding the same videos?


Right now I've only added the one song "Bazen," but I will definitely start a list. :) I also described "How to Make Sure Your Lyrics Aren't Already on the Site" above. Thanks for making sure this is properly thorough! :D


I added two, hopefully they worked :)

Farketmeden - Demet Evgar

Yalnızlık Senfonisi Sertab Erener


Hooray!!! :D Thank you! I just "played" Farketmeden - it's nice to know I can get some of the words right without ever seeing them before ... just from hearing them. :D Thank goodness for phonetic languages!!


Zeki Moran has some of the clearest pronunciation I've heard in Turkish music, and they're all classics too! I recommend that he be added. If I had more time I would help out with this myself, but right now I'm really busy. I'll check back in a few weeks and see what I can do.


You are a genius! Thanks everyone!


I just finished Mey Model : https://lyricstraining.com/play/H5ofqYNdU5 I discovered the song while watching Kiralık Aşk


What a great song! :)


I love Sen Olsan Bari by Aleyna Tilki :)


I dare recommend great resource with tons (really tons) of Turkish lyrics (turkish txt's + mp3/youtube's). http://turkish4dummies.com/ Whole Tarkan! And many others! Only restriction: all explanations are in Russian (meanwhile Author perfectly speak English too). But... from other sides it's a good idea - learn 2 languages simultaneously;)

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