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Mobile site issue

I like the mobile site generally. It displays nicely.

But I have noticed that quite often I will complete an untimed strengthening drill and the screen will not advance beyond the final question. The page links and internet connection still work: definitions, tips, audio, even the quit button.

But the screen does not advance, my points are lost, and my enthusiasm for the site diminished.

I am using Chrome on an iPhone 5s, all iOS and apps updates applied.

April 3, 2015



I haven't noticed this with Safari, have you tried using that to see if it is a Chrome problem or a general problem. (Not that you should switch overall, I was just wondering).


So I tried it today, and the mobile site does seem to work better with Safari than Chrome. At least today I have not been deprived of completed drills. Thanks!


try getting the app


frankly, that does not work for courses that are not on the app. and i also like to do timed drills -- not on the app either.


Can you tell me around how long you wait for the final screen? It might be that it's loading relatively slowly or an actual error.


several minutes. and it's not likely a connection issue because i have lte. and when i click for example on the audio link, i get audio quickly, even in cases where the audio file has to load. i can see the little loading icon when i click the audio, or when loading a grammar tip. that stops after the sound has played or the tip displayed. and in all those cases the page still fails to advance.


Can you post a screenshot of the mobile website? I don't have it on my iOS device.


i would but posting pics here requires first uploading the pics to a third party site. then you have to use a special code, and i never remember it. :) maybe someone else will oblige.


Update: Today the problem occurred in Safari, too.

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