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Swedish "Strengthen Skills" not working on iPhone.

Hi - I'm running iOS 8.2 on an iPhone 4S. Recently, "Strengthen Skills" has stopped working in Swedish. When I choose the weak skill and then hit "Strengthen", I get the message "Could not connect to Duolingo. Try starting the session again." New lessons work fine. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app, to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this?

April 3, 2015



Make sure your wifi is constantly turned on, If it turns off it will say Could not connect to duelling


This happens whether I'm on wifi or the cellular network - but the new lessons still work. I would expect that a connectivity problem would affect all lessons equally.


It is the same for me in Irish on food


It is happening in German, too.


Fixed: I managed to fix this by not strengthening but redoing the lesson. Once I completed the first section the lesson returned to orange

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