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Immersion "100% translated and checked" error

This has happened to me a couple of times. I translate an article and when I finish it, it says it is both translated and checked. I really doubt someone is "shadowing" me through the article, clicking "looks good" as soon as I translate each sentence. I thought that perhaps it looked like that just to me (like how all the text looks green to me, but black or gray to other people) but I just got an e-mail saying "a document you uploaded has received some attention!" -- a document I uploaded about 20 minutes ago.

It has one "looks good" on everything, and that's from my translations. I mean, when I submit a translation, the "looks good" button is highlighted for each sentence like I clicked on it (I did not).

It seems silly to qualify an article as 100% translated and checked when only one person has looked at it. Is this a bug? Should I go click "looks wrong" on my translations so Duo doesn't classify it as 100% checked? I would really rather have other people check it, especially because there were a few things I had trouble with and I'd like to see what other translators think.

September 6, 2013



Yes, this is a bug. It's intended that translations submitted by advanced users (like you) require fewer "Looks good" ratings than those submitted by beginners, but it's not supposed to be quite this extreme.


Any progress on this bug? It's still happening and it's a bit frustrating. I want to translate the whole article because I like translating and because you get bonus points for finishing the article. But now with the translation tiers, it's more important for other people to check the translations because their votes affect my tier. It's frustrating having to stop translating an article I'm enjoying translating because if I don't, the whole thing is determined to be translated and checked and then gets hidden from everyone who doesn't have their preferences set to see finished articles.


Good point. The bug I mentioned was fixed a while ago, but it's still true that for sufficiently simple sentences and/or sufficiently advanced translators, the sentence is considered done immediately. I see your point, and we'll have to think about how best to handle this. It's tricky, because there's a tension between getting the article finished efficiently and making the experience rewarding for advanced translators. Even if one or two "Looks good" votes were required, it's unlikely that those votes would come from someone at your tier or higher. Maybe we can come up with some other way to make the experience more rewarding for advanced translators.


Hi, how do you determine "advanced translators"?

Since this was obviously posted a long time, I'm guessing that it was based on either completing the tree, and or the hidden voting system that was only recently brought out as the Translation Tier system. I ask because I recently reset my English tree, and I'm curious of its impact.

P.S. I've also noticed this, although in my case I would guess it was relatively effective because I consider myself fluent in the languages I translated.

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I noticed that this started a few weeks ago. What I do is leave at least 1 sentence untranslated on the documents that I upload. That way, I know that others will have a chance to look at it and correct my translation, if necessary.


Ah, that's a good idea. I will do that in the future.

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