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Keep of the good work duo! Idea: Lingots for good comments?

Know this is a busy time however I think that to encourage people to comment more on discussions about the problems people face when doing their lessons the people who comment should receive a lingot. Although there is generally a good response to discussions sometimes it can take a long time. Obviously lingots should not be handed out to any who comments but maybe the person who posted the discussion can decide the helpful comments whose authors deserve lingots for helping. THANK YOU DUO :) (to stop people just endlessly giving maybe they can only gift one to the same person once a week)

September 6, 2013



Yes this sounds good! It could be like on yahoo answers and other similar things where there is a best answer chosen by the asker or by voters. I think this would work! :)


exactly what i was thinking :)


Just to throw some ideas around:

> Each user has one lingot to give out each day (to prevent people from giving to every comment that's remotely relevant)

> You can give YOUR lingots to other people for helpful comments

> Every comment with 20+ upvotes automatically warrants the commenter a lingot

All or some or none of these would work fine. ;)


I like the idea of "gifting" someone your lingots. Kind of like Reddit Gold but not really.

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