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"Ils parlent pendant quatre-vingt-dix minutes."

Traduction :They talk for ninety minutes.

September 6, 2013

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Quelle est la différence entre "to speak" et "to talk" ?


les deux sont essentiellement interchangeables


'Speak' has a sense of being more formal/polite than 'talk' It's a subtle difference.

If you were being critical of for how long someone had spoken - you would be more likely to use 'talk', e.g. They talked and talked - not 'They spoke and spoke.'


pourquoi during n'est pas accepté?


On ne peut pas utiliser "during" devant une donnée chiffrée. En effet, "during" désigne une période de temps à l'intérieur de laquelle on se situe. Exemple "during his childhood": "pendant son enfance".

Un moyen simple de savoir quand utiliser "during" : on l'utilise quand on peut remplacer "pendant" par "au cours de".


Merci. Plus besoin de poser la même question


Merci pour cette super explication


Merci pour le truc


Question identique pour moi


"To speak" et to "talk" sont interchangeables. Cependant, "speak" est parfois un peu plus formel. We say that someone gives a speech when it's more formal, gives a talk when it's less formal.

"CalifJim: I wouldn't consider this really a grammar question, but more of a question of usage. That aside, "speak" and "talk" are often interchangeable, that's true. Nevertheless, "speak" is a bit more formal than "talk". The President speaks before Congress. I talk to my friends on the phone.

We say that someone gives a speech when it's more formal, gives a talk when it's less formal.

When speaking we don't expect to be interrupted, conversational style, as much as when we are talking. In the more formal world of medicine, we may be diagnosed with a disease which impedes our ability to speak. In the less formal world of everyday conversation, we may say we can't talk too long, there are other things we have to do.

Also informally we can say that we talked the night away (were up all night talking), but it would be odd to hear that someone spoke the night away!

In phrasal verbs there are distinct differences. "speak up" is to speak louder or to stand up for what you believe in. "talk up" is completely different. It means to talk about the advantages of something in order to sway opinion in its favor. "



to speak ne veut il pas dire parler ?


"They speak for ninety minutes" est accepté par Duolingo.


Même question, peut on utiliser during à la place de for ?


J'ai écrit : " they talk during ninety minutes

Pourquoi utilise-t-on dans cette phrase le mot "for" ? à la place de "during" ?


Pas de réponse à cette même question speak during. ... ne marche pas ... c'est bizarre


Pourquoi le mot "While" a la place de pendant ne marche pas ? While veut bien dire "pendant" ?


merci Jackie-dd, c'est très clair ainsi.


pourquoi for et non pas during


différence entre to speak et to talk


C'est une question ?


they speak during ninety minutes. REFUSE - mais j'ai lu les explications il faudra que je mémorise 23.04.2020


pourquoi est ce faux


Elles parlent... Aussi.

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