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"La cocina es bastante bonita."

Translation:The kitchen is pretty nice.

December 18, 2012



The kitchen is pretty pretty is accepted! ;)


"the kitchen is quite pretty" should be accepted :/


Bastante and enough are both odd in that each word can mean either enough or too much. When you are asked if you have enough food, the questioner wants to if you are satisfied. When your kids are beating your favorite dog with your prized fishing pole and you scream, "Enough, I have had it," you really mean you have had way too much.


"The kitchen is pretty enough" would work, right?


That's what I thought. So am I wrong to say, "The kitchen is pretty enough," or are they? Or would the last two words be reversed to be "pretty enough"? I saw nothing in the translation to indicate "nice" . . . .


Agree ! Is "The kitchen is pretty enough" wrong??


I don't get this - the correct answer is shown as "the kitchen is pretty nice", but as I understand it bastante means "enough" or "too much" (depending on the context) and bonita means "pretty", not "nice"


In Spanish, "bonita" is often used where an English speaker would use nice. So its meaning is really more general than "pretty." In other words, it doesn't necessarily refer to the way something looks, but indicates, more generally, a pleasing quality.

The sentence could have been translated as, "The kitchen is nice enough." But that would have been ambiguous, meaning either that the kitchen is just barely acceptable or that it is quite nice, or something in between. The given translation conveys more accurately the likely meaning of the sentence in Spanish.


I was confused. I was starting to think bastante meant nice and so bonita was pretty and bastante was nice. Ugh. Some of this, I'm not getting. I did notice switching from phone to tablet it sometimes explains why i am wrong. Otherwise i have no idea why amente is added to the words. But other sections, i have been lost and after going through and doing the workout, i eventually get it enough to use. Dont ask me to explain!


It took "The kitchen is pretty pretty," but not "The kitchen is rather pretty"? Using "pretty" twice in a row like that sounds terrible.


Rather pretty should be accepted, no?


I put that in expecting to be rejected, but it seems that translation is accepted now.


I submitted it under "my answer should be accepted" and received an alert some time later saying that it was now accepted.


I was taught the translation of bastante is 'rather' so that is what I put, too.


And 'pretty enough', which was accepted for me, rather implies....yeah, it's ok, but I've seen better.


The kitchen is pretty pretty. is in my opinion ugly English.


Whats the difference between muy and bastante?


"Muy" simply means "very." The basic meaning of "bastante" is "enough," but in both Spanish and English, these words can be used as intensifiers. For example, looking at a beautiful sunset, you might say, "Well, that's pretty enough, isn't it?" In both languages, it is a conventional and universally understood form of understatement.


Is it wrong to translate it as "The kitchen is very nice" ?


Yes, basante means "quite", not "very". Pretty big difference.


"The kitchen is very pretty " was accepted


I think that ....very nice would be acceptable since 'bastante" can mean "quite" as in "quite nice" and "quite' nice is the same as "very nice" IMHO


I answered:"The kitchen is pretty enough." and it was accepted. Could a native speaker please explain the difference between bastante and bonita?


"Bastante" means "enough," and "bonita" means "pretty."

The use of "bastante" in a phrase like "bastante bonita" is idiomatic and can be thought of as a universally understood understatement. Just as, in English, one might say, "Well, she's pretty enough!" meaning "She is very pretty!"


Pretty nice and very beautiful are both excepted? There's quite a difference between the two.


"The new version is pretty nice, but the old one was really great."

"Well, that's pretty nice, I guess, if you like that kind of thing."

"Hey, that's pretty nice! I'm going to bring my whole family back to see that."

Sometimes the very same phrase has more than one meaning.


"The kitchen is pretty enough" is now accepted. Hopefully because you wonderful 'comment' contributors use the 'Support' option to let the Duo staff know your thoughts.


I agree that "rather pretty" should be accepted


I seem to be the first person to comment on translating "bonita" to "lovely" rather than the commonly used synonyms of pretty or beautiful. I'll submit it as "I think I'm right" since it was rejected.

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