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Hebrew Time #13 - Festive food

Hello everyone!

שָלְוֹם לְכוּלַם

Welcome to Hebrew Time #13! For those of us who are joining now – Hebrew Time is a series of weekly posts about the Hebrew language, Israel, and the Jewish people. (Luckily for us, the number 13 is actually considered a lucky number in Judaism, so we’ll be just fine:)

You can see the previous post here.

Today we are going to learn some more food vocabulary:) Since it’s Passover this week, we’ll make it vaguely Passover-related so that you can impress everyone at the Seder! (For those who don’t know, that’s the Passover meal:).

Ready or not…

ביצה - egg

יין - wine

חסה - lettuce

תפוח אדמה - potato

כבש - lamb

עוף - chicken

מרק - soup

מיץ ענבים - grape juice

חזרת - horseradish

That’s all for now...Happy Passover!

We can't finish without telling you:


See you later!

That was Hebrew Time #13, thanks for joining us! Hooray!

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Thanks DvirBartov for helping me write this post!

That's it!

עד שבוע הבא!

Until next week!

April 3, 2015



כיף לראות משהו יהודי באתר הזה!


תודה וחג פסח שמח! :)


חג פסח שמח ! מי כאן מישראל :)?


יש די הרבה ישראלים פה--דביר (הוא גם כותב את הדברים האלה) מישראל ויש כמה אנשים אחרים.


חג פסח שמח לכולם!


Another exciting post! Thanks for all of the effort you're putting in to the course, and to bringing Hebrew time to us weekly!

תודה רבה!


חג שמח :)


I think the last line should be עד השבוע הבא with the article

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