"Ellos hacen salsa."

Translation:They prepare sauce.

5 years ago



Interesting that "They do salsa" is incorrect.. as in.. I do break dance. I realize this is sauce they are talking about and not dancing, now.

5 years ago


I did the same thing. I guess Salsa as in the dance might have to be capitalized for it's a name. Not sure though.

4 years ago


Since this is a word which is also an English word, but means something different (is not our word for sauce but for what we call salsa), how will someone know when we mean sauce or salsa? Is there another word in Spanish for salsa?

4 years ago

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Does 'They are making sauce.' makes sense and not 'They are making a sauce'?

5 years ago


One of the frustrations of Duo, and Spanish, is the use of articles. Duo probably would want 'una salsa' for 'a sauce.'

5 years ago
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