"The sweatshirt is too big for me."

Translation:Tröjan är för stor för mig.

April 3, 2015

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Huh? För is "too" AND "for"?


I'm finding it a bit hard to not say it as "Tröjan är förstår för mig" which makes no sense!


I thought that an 'r' followed by an 's' makes a sound like "rsh"; for example, in "talar svenska." Why is that not the case here? Am I just not hearing it correctly?


There should be an RS sound there. Just the robot being a non-human.


Ok, thanks for clearing that up!


Why is it 'stor' rather than 'stora'. I interpreted 'big' as modifying the definite noun of sweater and thought that definite nouns get an 'a' ending on adjectives


The easiest way to think of it is basically that if the adjective comes after the noun it describes, the definiteness doesn't apply. Hence e.g. den stora tröjan but tröjan är stor.


why is it not right to put 'är alltför stor för mig'?


Alltför gives more emphasis, like all too or much too, although I agree that it should probably be allowed. Did you report it?


I've added it. I think you're right about the emphasis, I think it may also sound a tad too formal. I would only use it about more abstract things than clothes. It might be totally normal in some regions though (I'm thinking of Finland, but I haven't checked that).


Yeah, the prepositions are seriously putting my brain to work. lol


Sweatshirt and sweater have close but distinctively different meaning in English (I think). There is only one noun to which they translate in Swedish. Am I right?


I agree -they are different in English but so often with this programme I find the American English is not the same, and I'm not sure about the Swedish.


We don't really make much of a difference between them in Swedish, either is fine. So they're both accepted as defaults. It's not so much the American English, but rather that the word tröja is very broad in Swedish - we accept jumper, t-shirt, jersey, shirt, and pullover in addition to those two.


Thanks. We do distinguish in GB. Americans also use the terms differently from the way we do.


American here. Curious how so? I know Brits use the term trousers more than we do but how is a sweater and sweatshirt used differently? Glad its one term in svenska!


sweatshirt is cassual wear, initially for sports but now for leisure. made of cotton or artificial fabric. Sweater is made of wool or similar fabric and is knitted and meant for warmth. Usually for casual wear but can be smart. Also called a jumper.


''valdigt stor'' is wrong?


väldigt stor means "very big", so it sounds like "the shirt is very big for me" rather than "too big for me".


Would "på mig" also work? I'm thinking that there is "ha på mig".


Nope, doesn't work at all.

Edit: Or, rather - it's grammatical and it makes sense as a sentence, but it's not idiomatic at all to use in this meaning or really any other.


In English sometimes we can say "too big on me," specifically in sentences like "The sweater looks too big on me." Would "på mig" work here (something like, "Tröjan ser för stor ut på mig"), or would a different preposition be needed?


The för stor ut på mig example does work very well. :)

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