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Same fault with Real World Translations (Plurals exc. 7)

I've been getting the same fault with the translation exercises. Either the page won't open, or will open and not automatically scroll down to the highlighted exercise. Manually scrolling to the highlighted exercise allows text to be written into the box, although none of the buttons on the page ("Duolingo logo, top bar/home button, side-feedback button, upload translation etc etc) work and there are no translations when hovering over words.This means the exercise cannot be completed and there is no easy way of reporting the fault (which is the reason for this message).

In the past Duolingo have been quick to "unlock" these exercises once reported here. But I can't help but think there must be an easier way to do it, rather than having to message here every time. All other exercises work perfectly, so this specific to the translation pages. I'm thinking it might be in part due to the strange layout of the page upon opening (at first showing many translations then randomly scrolling down to the targeted exercise). Perhaps having the page ONLY show the target sentence, then have an option to explore the other submitted work might solve this? Or simply eliminating the weird scroll by having the exercise at the top of the page?


December 18, 2012



Did you try to reload the page completely? (Internet Exploder: CTRL+F5 / Firefox: CTRL+R)


I did yes, no such luck. Have tried in different browsers too (IE, Firefox, Opera etc).

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