"Your wallet is on the table."

Translation:Cüzdanın masanın üstünde.

April 3, 2015

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Why is "sizin cüzdanınız" marked as incorrect?


It's also correct. Report it please.


Why can't I use masada?


In grammatical Turkish, you try to minimize repetition. Masada may be used in everyday spoken language. But the -da is used as a location for at, on or in. The sentence actually refers to a position of one object in relation to another. Kadın masada would imply woman at the table, whereas kadın masanın üstünde would mean that the woman is on the table. If you use içinde then the woman is in the table. Therefore she is either very small or the draw is very big :)


Did it mark it as wrong? You'll hear stuff like "cüzdanın masada duruyor" in Turkish and it would be understood. I guess it's just a little more correct and natural to specify its location is "atop the table" or "upon the table," using üstünde or üzerinde.


Can i use üzerinde in place of üstünde?


Yes you can. They both mean the same


Hello Samuel

Can i use üzerinde in place of üstünde?

Yes you can. I submitted "üzerinde" & Duo accepted it as another correct Turkish answer.

Thank you.



"Your wallet is on the table." Translation: Cüzdanın masanın üstünde.


Cüzdanın masanın üzerinde.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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