"Yine mi süt?"

Translation:Milk again?

April 3, 2015

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I am trying to find the logic an in this case it seems to be this: In "Yine mi süt?" the question is in the again part as if one is surpised by the lack of variation. If one would say "Yine süt mü?" it would be more like asking if the person wants another milk, or if the person wants the usual drink which is milk. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Is it just emphasis on the milk that the mi is not last? Is 'Yine süt mi?' acceptable?


Yes but then the question suffix would be 'mü', instead of 'mi' because the last vowel in 'süt' is 'ü'.


What is the difference between "yine" and "tekrar"? Can I say "Tekrar mı süt?" to mean the same thing?


For all intents and purposes, they are the same. I would reckon to say that "tekrar" is used more often with verbs than nouns though.


Çok teşekkürler!


saying that, what is tge turkish word for the verb milk?

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    I have the same question :D


    what is the purpose of "mi" here? It has some things written in Turkish under it when you roll over it.


    "soru edatı mi'nin direkt çevirisi yoktur" is a note that means "there is no way to directly translate the question particle "mi" into English."

    The little particle "mi" (and its other forms mü/mı/mu) are a way to ask questions when there's no other question word (yes/no questions generally).


    • Yine süt. = Milk again.

    • Yine mi süt? = Milk AGAIN?

    It can also be moved to different places to emphasize different aspects in the question. In English we'd generally do this with intonation.

    • Yine süt mü? = (Should it be) milk, again?

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      Thanks a lot


      'Again milk' should also be fine - emphasizing the AGAIN?


      To emphasise the again, you would usually say: "Milk AGAIN?"


      What meaning does this have in English? I'm not sure when you would ask someone this? Are you asking if someone wants more milk?


      It is like a mini-complaint. Like, imagine if your mom makes you drink a glass of milk every evening and you complain with "Ugh, milk again?"

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