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  5. "Fare ekmek yer."

"Fare ekmek yer."

Translation:The mouse eats bread.

April 3, 2015



why not fare ekmeki yer?


Jopomme, it would be "fare ekmegi yer" (the "g" with a hat on it, a yumaska g): "the mouse eats the bread". "k" becomes a "g". Go there: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/9040173


Do you know? "Fare" is also Arabic word "فأرة" "Fa'ra"


It indeed passed into Turkish from Arabic! You'll find a lot of words either passed directly from Arabic to Turkish, or from Arabic to Persian to Turkish. Lucky you -- got a head start on others for vocab!


Why not "Fare ekmegi yer"?


"ekmeği" would be the accusative declination of "ekmek", which makes it a direct (specific) object. So "Fare ekmeği yer." translates as "The mouse eats THE bread." (not just some bread, but a specific piece of bread) and this is not the same as "The mouse eats bread." (just some bread, not a particular piece of bread). And for the future reference, please use "report a problem" button for such suggestions.


Is the translation for"the (insert animal here) just three name of said animal?


it says that the translation is The mouse eats bread, even though i wrote "Fare ekmek yer" and it gave me a correct..shoudn't the correct answer be "fareyi ekmek yer"? Lingot me if u r learning Turkish because of Diriliss Ertugrul..!


NusaHatun, "fareyi ekmek yer"=" the bread eats the mouse". Ok? "Fare yemegi yer"="the mouse eats THE bread". Read all the comments, you have à lot of clear explanations about this topic.


Kül başıvıza siçan çörəy yeyir:);)


Yer sounds like [yash] right? when you say yersin, you pronounce the r tho..?.. i still dont get why.

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