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  5. "Fare ekmek yer."

"Fare ekmek yer."

Translation:The mouse eats bread.

April 3, 2015



why not fare ekmeki yer?


Jopomme, it would be "fare ekmegi yer" (the "g" with a hat on it, a yumaska g): "the mouse eats the bread". "k" becomes a "g". Go there: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/9040173


Do you know? "Fare" is also Arabic word "فأرة" "Fa'ra"


It indeed passed into Turkish from Arabic! You'll find a lot of words either passed directly from Arabic to Turkish, or from Arabic to Persian to Turkish. Lucky you -- got a head start on others for vocab!


Is the translation for"the (insert animal here) just three name of said animal?


it says that the translation is The mouse eats bread, even though i wrote "Fare ekmek yer" and it gave me a correct..shoudn't the correct answer be "fareyi ekmek yer"? Lingot me if u r learning Turkish because of Diriliss Ertugrul..!


NusaHatun, "fareyi ekmek yer"=" the bread eats the mouse". Ok? "Fare yemegi yer"="the mouse eats THE bread". Read all the comments, you have à lot of clear explanations about this topic.

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