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hi, i have some problems with words feature.When i press the speaker button to listen to the pronunciation of words it doesn't work.Do you guys think that duolingo is not working properly or this is a problem from my pc?

April 3, 2015


I don't have that problem. :/

Just hit Ctrl+Shift+Space, to hear it faster look at the top and it should say mr.chiperi. Click on that and click on keyboard shortcuts, then it should tell you. If that doesn't help, I can't help you. Talk to an admin. .

i know how to use keyboard shortcuts and it works.The problem is with "words" section (home WORDS activity discussion immersion) when i want to review the words that i already learnt.The audio pronunciation works only for few words and for the rest of the words when i hit the speaker button nothing happens.It really bothers me because in time i will forget how to pronounced many of the words.Stephen thanks for your reply and if someone knows how to fix this problem i will be grateful

He or she is a moderator. I followed him or her.

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