"He eats an apple every day at quarter to one."

Translation:O her gün bire çeyrek kala elma yer.

April 3, 2015

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is "kala" absolutely necessary ? could we say "o her gün bire çeyrek elma yer" ?


Yep :) Alternatively, you could just say the time out in numbers "on iki kırkbeşte" :)


You must use it because kala means "to" quarter to - çeyrek kala Quarter past - çeyrek geçe Half to - buçuk kala Half past - buçuk geçe


In English you cannot say "half to", only "half past".


Teşekküler abim


♡ Numbers from 1 to 29 + quarters (çeyrek): takes geçe/geçiyor (past) or var/kala (to). + no.s: 1 to 29 affect the main hour with suffix additions.

It is like Y after/to X, when y is the minutes or quarter and x is the hour, and since Y is dependent on X we will put the suffix link indicator to x

♡♡ Numbers 31 to 59 + half (buçuk): doesnt need any past/to indicators. + doesnt affect the main hour with suffix additions.

Its like saying: X and Y when x is the hour and y is the minutes (31 to 59) or half, and both are independent.

I dont know if I made things more complicated or not!!

♡♡♡ examples: It is five past one = biri beş geçiyor // it is five to one = bire beş var // at five past one = biri beş geçe // at five to one = bire beş kala /◇◇◇/ it is one and a half = bir buçuk // it is one and fifty five = bir elli beş // at one and a half = bir buçukta // at one and fifty five = bir elli beşte

mmm, hoping İ did it right up there, İyi şanslar


I wrote same thing, "O her gün bire çeyrek elma yer" and was marked wrong. I already reported it though.


Why MUST "every day" come before "at quater to one"? Why is "Bire çeyrek kala her gün elma yer." wrong?


MoDan, i think it depends on what you want to put the focus, what you want to emphasize. Duolingo doesn't give all the alternative sentences. I have found a super web-site on this topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_grammar#Word_order. Enjoy it! But i'm not Turkish native, i can't appreciate the value of the content. Anyway, enjoy it!


No, it is not. It has the same meaning.


Its marked wrong - feb 27 2020


Same on March 25, 2020


same on may 14, 2020 :P


It is not the first possible way you think of saying that but it is also correct


Is kala only used for telling time?


türkçe bilenler burdamı


Evet, birçok !


is 'o her gun bire ceyrek var elma yer' acceptable?


Nope. If you are telling the time, you use "var," but if you are describing at what time something happens, you use "kala".


Var doesn't indicate the time of the action. Try putting -iken : "Çeyrek varken"


Why is "o her gün bir elma yer bire çeyrek kala" not acceptable? shall the time always be before the object+verb?


Your sentence is understandable but is broken. The time must be before


The sentence ends with the verb usually and in this case it sounds, as if you forgot to say it, so you put it afterwards again. Can be done while talking with others, but it still sounds weird.


When do you use "Bire" and when "Biri." It is really confusing me


Bire is moving TOWARDS one, just like eve is moving toward school.

Biri is trickier for me to explain. It's THE one, meaning an hour that has passed and become definite, or at least that's how I think of it.


It depends on whether you are talking about the minutes before the hour or after the hour. So 12.45 "quater to one": "bire (=dative) ceyrek" 10.55 "five to eleven": "on bire bes"

and for minutes past the hour you use the accusative 1.15 "quarter past one": "biri ceyrek" 11.05 "five past eleven": "on biri bes"

The tips and notes are quite helpful for this session: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/What-time-is-it%3F/tips-and-notes


Why did not we use locative here?


The locative is only used if you want to indicate a full or half hour.


I'm sure the explanation is a very simple one, but why is it "bire" and not "biri". I have made similar mistakes with the accusative case with a few words in this particular lesson.


ZandraL.Le, i find in my note-book the explanations of Ektoraskan, in lesson 2, level 2, very clear, who gave 4 examples: 2 for a time between One o clock and 1h30 and two for time between one thirty and Two o clock. Firstly: "BIRI on geçiyor"=IT IS ten PAST one and "BIRI on gece"="AT ten PAST one", "bir" with the accusative case ending "i". Let see the two examples with "BIRE": "BIRE on var"="IT IS ten TO one" and "BIRE on kala"=AT ten TO one" , "bir" with the dative case suffix "e".


EXCELLENT!!! It clicked beautifully. Thanks again, Mariane.


"bir elma her gün bire çeyrek kala yer" is apparently wrong because of word order. Does the object of the verb always come just before the verb?


if it is an indefinite object, yes.


What does “varken” in one of the other choices mean?


It's 'var' combined with 'iken', which is the only acceptable form of 'var' in that context.


Can i also say"o her gün on iki kırkbeşte kala elma yer"?


You don't say "kala". Kala means "to". For example quarter to ten= ona çeyrek kala


kendi dilimde bile hata yaptım ya helal olsun bana


How do you know what order to put the words in?


Why is there no "bir" in front of "elma". As far as I understood, not using an article would mean that someone is generally eating apples at that time and not only one.


Di, in this case, we don't know how many apples she/he eats, one two, many apples. Number is not specified, so "elma"="an apple or apples" If specified only ONE apple, it would be "BIR elma".


I still do not understand. Because in the English sentence the number is specified as 1 (an apple is one apple). Therefore, I consider a translation that does not specify the number as incorrect.


I agree with you - in English 'an' means 1. It states clearly in the question 'an apple', but as there is no 'bir' option in the list, it could not be used.


Why is it wrong " bire çeyrek kala her gün bir elma yer "


I am so confused. When do we use kala ? When do we use saat?


Well, they mean different things. Saat means hour I think. It can be a subject and is often optional when other words in the sentence make it clear you are talking about time. Kala is used when BOTH you are referring to something being AT a specific time and when it is in the last 30 minutes of the hour (meaning you are saying something like, "I will meet you at 20 to eight").


I'm looking for the "at" in this sentence. Why is it not bire çeyrek kalaDA?


Jean, "çeyrek kala" here means in itself "AT a quater".


Why is the word kala in this sentence please? I thought bire meant “to one”


Jennie, "çeyrek kala" means "At a quater". "Bire"="TO one". "Bire çeyrek kala"="at a quater to one".


What does ‘bire’ and ‘biri’ mean please?


Bire bir kala bir bira iç!


I typed "O bire çeyrek kala her gün elma yer", and I'm native I was doing that just for fun, it didn't accept it although it's correct


Why "bire" and not "biri"??


Weird. Still at the stage where they give you the words and you just have to put them in the right order. They've spelled "bir" as "biri".


You'll get used to the proper way of pronunciation with time. Make sure to listen to the voice through a headset, that's gonna help out too.

Kolay gelsin


I said it was spelt wrong. Nothing to do with pronunciation. I suspect they did not actually want me to include bir and "biri" being an option was just a coincidence.

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