"What is your profession?"

Translation:Senin mesleğin ne?

April 3, 2015

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What is the -dir after ne?


It is the same -DIr suffix you see popping up for facts. It is commonly used for questions like this :)


-Dir/-dur/-tir/-tur are all the same.

-(d/t)ir/-(d/t)ur ☆ The first letter (d/t) is chosen depending on the last letter of the attached word; you put (t) if the last letter was one of these: "f,s,t,k,ç,ş,h,p" and you put (d) to rest letters.

-d(i/u)r/-t(i/u)r ☆ the second letter (i/u) is chosen depending on the last vowel in the attached word; • put (ı) for (a,ı) • put (i) for (e,i) • put (u) for (o,u) • put (ü) for (ö,ü) And the last rule is called "four way vowel harmony"

These two should be noted and memorized, and you won't be thinking of them later on if you do some training.

This is what a learned so far! Good luck.


Hello! Why can't we say "Senin ne mesle(g)in? "? It can also mean "What is your job?"Can someone pleas answer my question? and what is the ( - dir ) after ne?. Thanks.


Hello, Ibrahim. I don't think I can give your question a full answer, but I can point to AlexinNotTurkey's post above and my (multi-line) post (in response to his) below. As for the difference between "profession" and "job," there definitely is one. As you may well know, a person may have one profession (say, as a nurse) but many different jobs within that one profession. "Job" can also refer to a small task such as cleaning up something that has spilled on the floor. "Meslek" seems to be the standard Turkish word for "profession," while "iş" seems to be the one for "job."


Another correct answer accepted by Duo: * senin işin Ne? *, what is your work ( or job)?


Spartans, sizin mesleğiniz nedir?


Bizim spartanimiz XD


Senin mesleğin ne?, was accepted


Hello Colin

Senin mesleğin ne?, was accepted.

You have confirmed that that the -dir suffix is optional too.

A ^ & lingot.

Thank you.


Sizin mesleginiz nedir? Senin mesleğin ne? I have had both of these answers ...if I give one, it's not acceptable...if I give the other one its wrong...and the first one is correct???.... Getting annoyed by this happening on a regular basis.


Yes, I am tooooooo


ne senin mesleğin? why incorrect in turkish the word question comes at first and end of the sentence?


That doesn't really make sense in most contexts in Turkish. The subject of the sentence "your profession" must come first. :)


can we say in general rule we must use (ne , neden,kim .......ect) at the end


Nope, question words go where they answer would go :)


How? Explain, please.


Please explain. I noticed that sometimes the question word comes at the beginning, sometimes at the midlle and here at the end, what is the rule? I am confused


As I understand it (still struggling with this), think of the sentence that would be the answer to the question. In this case, the answer is "My profession is x." When you form the question, the question word should go where the "x" is.


I too would like further explanation from AlexinNotTurkey. But in the meantime, I can offer the following:

"ne," as he hinted, does not always come at the end of a question. Example: "Ne yapıyorsun?"

However, I think that if we restrict ourselves to questions of the form "What is X?" then we will see "ne" (or often "nedir") at the end. From GT: "What is X?" → "X nedir?"
"What is the answer?" → "Cevap nedir?"
"What is your cat's name?" → "Kedinin adı nedir?"
"What is this?" → "Bu nedir?" or ""Bu ne?"


You have to put the question particle in the place where is the answer which you are asking about, so when you are asking about an action you must put the particle before the verb ( Ne yapıyorsun?), while when asking about a noun you should put it after (Bu ne?). I hope that will help.


Evet, çok teşekkürler!


Could AlexınNotTurkey please explain her statement 'Nope, question words go where they answer would go :)'


What is the difference between "ne" and "nedir"? And when both are used?


I am curious about this too. I think they are very similar in meaning, but am specifically wondering if using "nedir" makes a question "softer" or more polite.


Hello Todd

I am curious about this too. I think they are very similar in meaning, but am specifically wondering if using "nedir" makes a question "softer" or more polite.

You are always correct in your understanding of Turkish;

Ne? --> "what?"

Nedir? --> "what is?" & "what is it?"

Nerededir? --> "where is it?"

Thank you.


Thanks very much for your encouragement, MrHilmi. Learning a language is a big undertaking! Supportive friends like you are a great help.


"What is your profession?" Translation: Sizin mesleğiniz nedir?


Senin mesleğin nedir?

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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