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"En fotboll är en boll för fötter."

Translation:A football is a ball for feet.

April 3, 2015



I think I've heard the word "football" was used to describe sports played on foot, as opposed to sports played on horses by the richest people. This is why Rugby used to be called "Rugby football" and both american and association football are indeed football.


Nice comment. Yes, I had translated, "A soccer ball is a ball for feet," and it was accepted. I really wish Americans would call soccer football, and football could be called "handegg." The ball is egg-shaped after all. :))


Indeed. Many of us European football enthusiasts find it repulsive to refer to our sport as soccer. :p


Agreed: 'soccer' is an incredibly annoying word. Suffice to say I had an incredibly annoying time in the US.


I live in Australia, and we (like so many other countries) have our own sport we call football, although I'd certainly rather it be called something else... especially since they use their hands half the time!

I hate to say soccer instead of football, but it just causes confusion over here...


Yes, originally "football" referred to all sports where ball was moved with players on foot (opposed to, say, horses) and "soccer" is actually an old British term to distinguish Asssociation football from dozens of other historical types of football (like Rugby football, Gaelic football, Eton Wall Game, Haxey Hood, Hallaton Bottle Kicking and Hare Pie Scramble...look them up, they look like fun)

But when soccer spread to other countries the name "football" became more popular word, but as such I have no problem with "soccer" in English, it is the original and most accurate term (even though like most Europeans I too call it "football")


American fighting words


Try explaining that to US inhabitants…

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