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  5. "Turks love Germany."

"Turks love Germany."

Translation:Türkler Almanya'yı seviyorlar.

April 3, 2015



Why is it Almanya'yi? Is a country specific. Or is it that the love makes its object à priori specific?


Why do you need the accusative ending in Almanya'yi? Are country names always function as defined direct objects do?

Thank you for any answer!


The verb "sevmek" takes accusative




"Turks love Germany." Translation: Türkler Almanya'yı seviyorlar.

Seviyorlar. Sev - "love." Sevi - "love" & something "loved." Seviyor - He & she "love" something. Seviyorlar - (plural) they & them "love" something.

"Something" being is Germany.

Kind regards.


At the time of writing, "türkler almanya'yı seviyor" is not accepted, yet the usage of "sever" and "seviyorlar" are. I was under the impression that with plurals, you can omit the lar/ler when it comes to verbs. Is there a specific reason why it's not accepted here?


it is not wrong, it is just a forgotten alternative


is it necessary to write " Türkler"? Can I write "Türk Almanya'yı seviyorlar"?


No you cannot. You can write "Türk Almanya'yı seviyor" though. It means "The Turk loves Germany".


The moderator is German may be


I just would like to know the same as "DanusiaPez" asked 11 months ago: Türk Almanya'yı seviyorlar. Why doesn't it work?


Türk is singular, Türkler is plural. The question called for plural ("Turks love Germany", not "one Turk loves Germany"), so we need to use plural = Türkler.

Also "Türk Almanya'yı seviyorlar" can't work, because if the subject is singular (Türk), the verb needs to be singular as well, so you would need to use "seviyor" or "sever" instead of "seviyorlar". You can use the verb in its singular form if the subject is in the plural form, though, and it is commonly done ("Türkler Almanya'yı seviyor", as in one of the comments above).

I am not a native speaker and still learning, but I don't think you can say "Türk Almanya'yı seviyor" any more than you can say "Turk loves Germany" in English.

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