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Reporting confusion

I completed an exercise on Wednesday on my ipad and for some reason, it doesn't show up on my graph. I didn't log in at all yesterday. I haven't completed an exercise today yet, and it says that I have. Somehow in all of this, I've lost the streak I had as well.

I'm confused about how this happened.

April 3, 2015



If you don't log in and earn a point, you will lose your streak. As for the other stuff, were you practicing in offline mode? If so, the points won't register until you connect with the internet. Also, offline mode is kinda glitchy.

I'm not part of the tech team, but it's always good to put what browser and operating system you're using whenever you make a troubleshooting post. For example, I'm using Chrome with Windows 7.


Oomph, forgot to mention I had a streak freeze, so I should have been good with missing one day.

Nah, I was just using my ipad, and it was connected to my campus' wifi like always.


Did your streak freeze go away?

There have been other posts where people are noticing that their iOS app doesn't seem to be connecting--their progress or other changes done on the app doesn't get reflected in the website. Do you have reason to believe that this could be the case for you too?

I'm not sure what to say about you appearing to have done lessons today. Do you mean that you have a nonzero score for today, that you see the streak flame with the green checkmark, or some other indicator?


I think it's the second issue. That the app didn't connect properly.

I have the green checkmark for today even though I haven't done a lesson today (although I'm going to go do one now).

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