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Are there more lessons at the end of the Tree?

I see about 68'ish squares on my French Tree for the total amount of lessons. I'm wondering if Duolingo is going to expand more lessons once I get to the end of the tree? I'm loving the lessons so far, but I'm pretty sure at the end of the current tree, I wouldn't really be fluent in the language. Does anyone more advanced know what comes at the end of the Tree? Thanks!

September 6, 2013



I know that in the past few updates new lessons have been added to various sections. I am hoping in the next "Big" update in October that they include a lot more.

I agree about possibly not being fluent by the end. Although I think to do that requires a lot of time and immersion alongside learning the language. I am trying to make sure I have everything well and truly commited to memory before advancing to the next section.

I hope that by the end of the tree I am getting to a stage of "thinking" in spanish when asked a question or at least recalling the correct phrases automatically.


I hope the October update will do some expansion too. :)


Yep, an expansion would be great.

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