"Jag tillhör samma kategori."

Translation:I belong to the same category.

April 3, 2015

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Ok, why is it kategori and not kategorin?

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That's just how "samma" works, it always goes with an indefinite noun. There are a few others like "nästa" and "fel" that work similarly.

This one trips me up a lot, although it's actually quite logical. "Samma" itself is always definite, so making the noun it's talking about definite is unnecessary. To say "samma kategorin" in Swedish would be rather like saying "the same the category" in English. I suggest just trying to remember "samma" as meaning "the same", instead of just "same". Hopefully with time it will just "sound right"!


what would this be relevant to? im struggling to think of a situation


If someone were to classify themselves (e.g. a morning person, or a pessimist, or an introvert) you could say, "Jag tillhör samma kategori."


a question regarding pronunciation: in which cases are we supposed to merge an s with the preceding r to that sh-like sound? apparently not here, but is there a rule for it?


In English, it's only 2 syllables: "Samesies!"


Can we put Att in front of Samma?


No, when you put att after a verb it's because it's attached to a following verb in the infinitive. But samma isn't a verb.

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