"Kvinnan dricker vinet."

Translation:The woman is drinking the wine.

April 4, 2015

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Seriously, is it real in Swedish that you have to add "the" in everything like that?


No. In this instance, the word we're working with here is "vinet", which means "the wine". If you didn't want to add "the", you just put "vin". The only time "the" is needed is when it's in a sentence like this. Hope this helped!


I can't see that it differs from English. It depends on what you are trying to say. If you want to say that a woman in general is drink some unspecified vine, then you could write "(en) kvinna dricker vin". Or maybe someone was asking what the woman at the bar is drinking, and you would say "kvinnan dricker vin", because she (a specific woman) isn't having a beer or a soda, but wine. Or maybe it's a longer story, where a specific woman got a lovely bottle of wine as a birthday gift, and now you're talking about the situation where this very same she actually drank the birthday gift wine, and then you could say "kvinnan dricker vinet".


I wrote "the women drinks the wine." Why is this incorrect?


Kvinnan is "The woman", not "the women". It is singular, not plural.


Why it doesn't accept the woman drinks wine?


because the Swedish says vinet, THE wine


Can anyone describe the kv sound in "kvinnan"? I've listened to it repeatedly, but sometimes it sounds different, such as in this sentance.


i wrote vine again lmao


Hey iam kinda sure that 'The woman is drinking wine ' maybe iam wrong pls tell me


Unfortunately you are wrong. It says ''vinet'' which is ''the'' wine, not just wine, otherwise it would be ''Kvinnan dricker vin''

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