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  5. "You read the brown book."

"You read the brown book."

Translation:Kahverengi kitabı okursunuz.

April 4, 2015



"You read the brown book." Translation: Kahverengi kitabı okursunuz.


"Sen kahverengi kitabı okursun."

I understood the English question as an individual reading the brown book. 1st person singular.

Duo accepted my answer.


Why is my answer "Kahverengi kitabı okursun" wrong?


Okuyorsunuz=you are reading


So are "kahve" and "kahverengi" not interchangeable?


Nope, "kahve" is a beverage and "kahverengi" is a color.


I wrote: "sen kahverengi kitabı okusun". Was corrected to "Sen kahverengi kitabı okudun". Why not "okusun" when the infinitive form is "okumak"?


"okusun" should be okursun in the simple present (aorist) tense. There is an -r- after the verb stem and before the personal suffix (okurum, okurlar, etc)

"okusun" is a real word, but it's a 3rd person imperative (something like: "may it be read"). But Duo hasn't covered that at this point in the tree, so don't stress if you don't understand.

Full conjuagation chart for "Okumak"


"You read the brown book." Translation: Kahverengi kitabı okursunuz.

The Turkish answer has a "closed" form compound noun.

(noun) + (noun) = compound noun

kahve + rengi = Kahverengi.

coffee + colour = Brown. Compound noun - Kahverengi.


I initially thought this was wrong. But after reading the comments I see that 'You read' is present tense. My mistake was that I thought 'read' was past tense, so I thought it should have been 'okudun'. If there is a way to reword this it might void the confusion of past and present tense of read being spelt the same?


Past tense should be accepted as well because the English sentence is ambiguous. Perhaps there was another mistake elsewhere in the sentence. (Duo sometimes over-corrects.) Or maybe you had a missing alternative. Either way, you're correct- past tense is perfectly fine here, even though it's not the default answer :-)


Why (sen kahverengi kitap okursun) is wrong ?


why okursun is not correct


Why is okursunuz read and not reading in this? Wouldnt it be okursiz if it was read


okursunuz = you read (simple present tense)
okuyorsunuz = you are reading (continuous present)
okudunuz = you read (past tense)

("okursiz/okursuz" to my knowledge, is not a real word)


"Kahverengi kitabı oku" is a most acceptable answer, it means read the brown book but informal.


No. Your sentence is giving an order, whereas the question is not. Being formal/informal is irrelevant here.

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