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practices and new lessons take a really long time to grade the answers.

hey guys I'm really suffering here for about a week. grading the practices and new lessons take a long time and the website doesn't work properly and with a really low speed.

My internet line is fine because I've checked it out.

I don't know what to do and even the "contact us" part doesn't work.


April 4, 2015



Occasionally I have noticed this and have always assumed that it is because Duo or the internet is extremely busy. However it soon gets back to normal again.

It could be your internet connection especially if you experience this for long periods.but you can get an app to check the speed of that.


hey psionpete ... thanks for the comment ... but I've already checked for the speed and it's fine ... the site itself has problems .


When was the last time you restarted your computer? What browser are you using? Do you have any extensions like Adblock or settings like "click to play plugins"?

Someone yesterday was having an issue with slowness that seemed to be just connected to Duo and restarting helped them. It's possible that the browser was slow (because it had been open for so long/with so many tabs) and Duo was just taxing it to a point that other sites didn't manage to do. If you have a setting that prevents or limits Flash, it may be that Duo's whitelist was dropped or is being overlooked somehow. It's also possible that Duo has changed some things on the back end that tax your system as-is more than it might normally.

Either way, relaunching your browser or restarting your computer will help rule out issues on your end.


I'm using google chrome and I've just restarted my computer and only one tab is opened in my browser ... and I'm not using any extensions at all at the moment.

but when I start using free gate (the anti filter) software. my problem is solved. !!!! ????


Interesting! I don't know where you are or what your internet connection is like, but is it possible that your access is being filtered by a third party?


I'm in IRAN and yes I think that's what's going on.


Definitely seems to be becoming a big issue. I don't mind the grading delay so much, but roughly 50% (100% today) of my attempts are not finishing at the end of a session. This means I get no credit on the efforts (and ultimately, I lose my streak).


hello sangoma ... what country are you from? because me and one of my friends in IRAN are having this problem.

because we thought in our country they are trying to filter this website an only in our country there are problems.

you can also go at the bottom of this page and click on help and then contact us and write to the guys in charge of this website.


I'm in Denmark, but I will email them.


thanks a lot for your respond ... at least now I know it might be a general problem from the website itself, and not only in my country.

they haven't responded to me yet but if you write too, they might consider this problem.

thanks again.

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