"Nós entendemos a importância da educação."

Translation:We understand the importance of education.

September 6, 2013

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Why not "THE education"?


The does not work in this case because education is non-specific. If it were specific, like the educations of the lower-middle class, then it would be fine to say the importance of the education of the lower-middle class.

This is pretty much a rule ... the importance of the (labourer, baraster, player, middle eastern culture, game ...); the importance of (football, culture justice, playing the game ...).


The difference between 'de' and 'da' or 'do' is still confusing to me after a long time studying portuguese. Not only that, but i see differences in emphasis between different learning programs regarding the same specific contexts .... just like using or not using the definite article .... there doesn't seem to be an exact algorithm for these situations .... (sigh) .... A luta continua!


Lol. When you are talking about a general concept, you keep the noun in the singular form and use the article, hence the «da» here. Hope this helps.


I am also confused why it is da not de... But comparing with French I think it's similar as we often use definite article before a noun of generic meaning, like "L'education est importante". In English we would only say "Education is important" without the. Am I right?


If we were going to literally translate this... wouldn't it be THE education? da educacao? Otherwise in Portuguese it should just be de educacao, right?


Yes, but without THE educação means "politeness" (most of the time).


A polidez é similar á palavra francesa "politesse" : urbanidade; civilidade; boa educação; delicadeza. 2014-04-16


Entao, Nós entendemos a importância de educação = We understand the importance of politeness? and Nós entendemos a importância da educação = We understand the importance of education?


They are all interchangeable, so there's no clue for that. That's not a rule, but in this sentence educação is likely linked to "education". But we only know that well over the context...


Politeness is important too!


We understand the importance of good manners/politeness should also be accepted.

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