"Min morbror är min mors bror."

Translation:My uncle is my mother's brother.

April 4, 2015

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I love the names you give to relatives, it's got a very high degree of precision. and i love this sentence on top of all.


Yeah also the melody of this sentence is soo nice.


"My motherbrother is my mother's brother" Isn't that kind of redundant? XD


I wrote my uncle is the brother of my mother and it does not accept it


Well, that is because 'bror' is not being used as a definite word in this clause... I think that what you translated would be something like 'Min moster är brodern av min mor' (as far as I could tell, subjected to corrections)... And besides I don't know if that is idiomatic or makes sense in Swedish... the form being asked to translate has a direct translation in english '... min mors bror' as 'my mother's brother'... That's why I think it is the only accepted translation in this sentence.


Och min farbror är min fars bror? Eller?


Bingo. And your morfar is your mother's father, your faster is your father's sister, and so on. It's a very simple system.


should be "my maternal uncle is my mother's brother".


That is also accepted.


Why do I have to still stare at these names to think what they are :C

"right mothersbrother.. ah uncle!"

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