"Bekarız ama mutluyuz."

Translation:We are single but happy.

April 4, 2015

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    Isn't it "bekâr", not "bekar"?


    The correct spelling is bekâr. But people sadly don't care, so the accentless spelling is abundant.


    people sadly don't care because their language association plays with the rules like a child changing them all the time :)


    Oh come on, they just changed it twice and that was in 1990s.

    Admit it: you're just lazy to keep up. ;p


    Personally I am not, but the letters are not even used in (most) newspapers anymore; and those letters are not even on the keyboard...


    Selcen, could you pls tell if those absence or presence changes the meaning or sounds weird? In Russian we successfully got rid of some letters,but now some hot-tempered people try to expell ё from the dictionary ; which is totally wrong,as мед means something an affix like in мединститут (medical institute/university) while мёд is honey/bal (turkish). For a foreigner...is it crucial to understand Kar and kâr as different sth?


    I actively admit that I am too lazy ;) As long as you know the underlying pronunciation, it isn't that important anyways. (unless you are talking about kar and kar)


    I have a friend on Facebook who uses it extensively. Only in some post, not all but many. Especially if the post is the translation of his Arabic calligraphy art. He's a master.


    That's also wrong. Using the circumflex to show the long vowels in words of Arabic origin is common in works related to religion, such as lâkin, kâinat, yâsin, resûl etc, but these are equally incorrect. Circumflex is used in specific cases only. Using it anywhere else is just as wrong as not using it at all.


    I'm sorry~ I'm wrong. XD Maybe I've mistaken with other letter because the last time I saw he used it 'extensively' was long time ago when I was still new in Turkish. He rarely uses it when I checked last night. Only in several word. I'm sorry. Haha.


    Oh. Okay. But I'm not sure if he uses it to show the long vowel or not.


    How is â pronounced and how do you make it on a Turkish keyboard?


    to add a circumflex on any vowel, press shift+3, and then the vowel â û î ô

    it might be pronounced softer, longer, or both. For bekâr it is softer than a. Check https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7836130 for details


    Adding to this:

    Bekâr is pronounced something like "bekyar".


    Yep. The recording doesn't sound right. I've reported it.


    doesn't help much, we cannot fix it :) We had also tried using the circumflex when we were testing the available TTS, and it didnt help either.


    This has to be right. In Greek we use the word "Μπεκιάρης" to mean "single", that sounds like "bekyar".


    For other learners, it's helpful to know which words we've learned have the â pronunciation. I can think of the following off the top of my head:

    dukkan (dukk-yan)

    kağıt (kyaa-ıt)

    mavi (maa-vi)

    I find it a bit sad that the chapeau is gone :-/


    I wonder how one would say: we are single therefore we are happy :)


    1) Bekarız, bu sepebten (bunun için) mutluyuz.

    2) Bekar olduğumuz için mutluyuz.


    What does the word " Bekar" come from?


    What's wrong with "We are single but happy"?


    I used the word ' yet' in place of 'but' and was marked incorrect. I protest ... this is quite often used in English and really ought to be accepted.


    I translated 'Bekar' as 'unmarried' instead of 'single' - and this was not accepted!


    What's wrong with "We are bachelors, but happy"?


    it isn't, just a missed alternative. It just isn't the first thing that pops into my mind when I read this :)


    That was the point of my comment, kinda - people act too much like you have to be married to be happy :)


    You are talking alot guys


    In Hindustani bekar means useless... Any connection?


    We are not married but happy. ( Bekar= single, not married) değil mi?


    I wish it was 've' rather than 'ama'. We are single AND happy.


    Hayır mutlu değilim

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