Can't submit translation.

I'm working on translating an article I just submitted and can only submit translations for a few sentences. When clicking submit for most sentences, nothing happens. My only option at that point is to cancel and not earn any points. I've tried different browsers and refreshing but nothing works.

September 6, 2013


Can you send a link to the translation?

September 7, 2013

Well I was able to finish it after returning later. I couldn't find it to link it, it's not under my uploads anymore. It was this article:

I think it was finished and checked. I don't know what happens to articles after that, but it must have been removed.

September 7, 2013 Okay I found it, just had to check the finished translations box. I wonder if the whole thing was just a glitch though.

September 7, 2013

Yeah, there was a bug for part of the day yesterday that could explain what you saw.

September 7, 2013
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