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"Cette discussion est intéressante."

Translation:This discussion is interesting.

April 4, 2015



In spanish, a "discusión" is actually an "argument", which means things get agressive and heated, most likely with insults, not the actual english meaning of "discussion" which is more like a debate to try to reach a decision or agreement. In French, can someone clarify if discussion is like the English or more like the Spanish (and I'm assuming Latin) meaning?


"Une discussion" in French isn't necessarily aggressive and heated. Often (but not always), the topic is something that the people involved don't entirely agree on, and so it usually involves some element of persuasion. It can be very informal (like two friends chatting over coffee) or formal (like politicians talking about a proposed law in front of Congress).

It can also be used in the context of "pas de discussion!" which essentially means that something is not up for debate.

Does that help answer your question?


It certainly does, it seems it matches the English meaning of discussion, unlike the Spanish Discusión. Merci!


The word "discussion" in Spanish doesn't necessarily imply a heated argument, it just means a lack of agreement of opinion. It means the same in the three languages, but the etymological meaning that comes from the Latin verb "disco or discere", which means to learn, has culturally been increasingly associated with the idea of a heated argument.


Hi, Danny, as a Spanish citizen. I have to say that, in Spain, "una dicusión" means exactly the same as "une discussion" does in French, something like what Greenteagirl has explained so well.

Let me present to you a Spanish saying -that I specialy like- as a documental evidence : "De la discusión sale la luz",

Which in free translations, would be: "La discussion fait naître la lumière / "Discussion is the source of Light "

What you call "discusión" is a mere "bronca", something from which, Light will never come out.

I assume that your impression about has something to do with the disgusting TV shows ( badly called "debates" by their designers ) where everybody cry and insult non stop. BRONCAS. Garbage.


How would you say "That is an interesting discussion." ?


C'est une discussion intéressante?


I think "this is an interesting discussion" is an equally correct translation.


I agree that in the real world, that is a perfectly acceptable translation because it communicates the same meaning. However, for better or for worse, Duolingo prefers translations that reproduce the grammar of the source language (in this case, the French) whenever possible. Just something to keep in mind as you go forward so that you don't have to redo lessons. :-)


Yeah I got it wrong using the form above, but concede that it's good to reproduce the grammar form when possible. Good point!


Why is "this conversation" not accepted here?


The above comments regarding Spanish/French meaning of "discussion" shed some light on this. "Discussion" in French carries the additional meaning of there being a difference of opinion, whereas conversation doesn't tell us anything more than that people are talking with each other.


It is accepted now (2017-03). Note that there isn't always an opposition in une discussion. A newsgroup translates into un forum de discussion, a chat room into un salon de discussion. We usually don't fight in these places. Do we?...

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