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I have been learning Swedish through Duolingo for about three months now. By hashing out about 250xp/day, I have managed to complete the course about two and a half times in this short period. I'm obsessed, and am looking in to external resources and courses for Swedish. I'm only 15, and through duolingo, (along with other things), I feel like I'm already speaking at an intermediate level. I've gained a passion for learning languages, and who knows, maybe I'll travel to Sweden sometime soon! Has anyone else become really obsessed with a language through DL? (it doesnt have to be Swedish)

April 4, 2015



Hi! I'm 14 and I also love Swedish!!! It's a really beautiful language!!! I've been also learning it for about three months but I'm not still at an intermediate level (too much homework and other things outside of duo)... :D


Good for you for starting to learn languages this young! It's very important for a young brain.


i am 22 and i started Duolingo months ago, and nearly a week ago i switched to Swedish, i didnt think i would continue it but everyday i do a new lesson i like Swedish more and more and it is really a great language :)

i am obssesed with Spanish, this language has entered my heart and it will never go out of there ( i know it sounds romantic, ) :)


I also love Swedish as well as the rest of the Scandinavian languages :) Congratulations on completing the tree! :D


I am in love with Japanese language ! Waiting Japanese. !


Are you still wanting to learn Japanese? Because it's out now.


I started learning swedish off of Duo, but I've been on Duo ever since the day it was released. I am in love with swedish. There is nothing more pleasing to my ears. No other language really interests me.


I started learning Swedish here in the middle January, when a friend wrote on FB that he started learning Portugese. As I had wanted to learn Swedish for years, I immediately looked for the site and started that very day. I'm about to finish the tree in a few days, and I really love the language. I like languages in general, but the fact that some of my favourite artists are from Sweden made me love the language even more. Now I hope for the courage to actually use my new skills in one week, when I see them again. But even if I shouldn't get a chance this time, I'll continue with the language.

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