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I have been learning Swedish through Duolingo for about three months now. By hashing out about 250xp/day, I have managed to complete the course about two and a half times in this short period. I'm obsessed, and am looking in to external resources and courses for Swedish. I'm only 15, and through duolingo, (along with other things), I feel like I'm already speaking at an intermediate level. I've gained a passion for learning languages, and who knows, maybe I'll travel to Sweden sometime soon! Has anyone else become really obsessed with a language through DL? (it doesnt have to be Swedish)

April 4, 2015



Hi! I'm 14 and I also love Swedish!!! It's a really beautiful language!!! I've been also learning it for about three months but I'm not still at an intermediate level (too much homework and other things outside of duo)... :D

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Good for you for starting to learn languages this young! It's very important for a young brain.


i am 22 and i started Duolingo months ago, and nearly a week ago i switched to Swedish, i didnt think i would continue it but everyday i do a new lesson i like Swedish more and more and it is really a great language :)

i am obssesed with Spanish, this language has entered my heart and it will never go out of there ( i know it sounds romantic, ) :)

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    I also love Swedish as well as the rest of the Scandinavian languages :) Congratulations on completing the tree! :D


    I am in love with Japanese language ! Waiting Japanese. !


    Are you still wanting to learn Japanese? Because it's out now.


    I started learning swedish off of Duo, but I've been on Duo ever since the day it was released. I am in love with swedish. There is nothing more pleasing to my ears. No other language really interests me.


    I started learning Swedish here in the middle January, when a friend wrote on FB that he started learning Portugese. As I had wanted to learn Swedish for years, I immediately looked for the site and started that very day. I'm about to finish the tree in a few days, and I really love the language. I like languages in general, but the fact that some of my favourite artists are from Sweden made me love the language even more. Now I hope for the courage to actually use my new skills in one week, when I see them again. But even if I shouldn't get a chance this time, I'll continue with the language.


    That is very inspiring! Which Swedish artists are you listening to?


    Duolingo certainly made my current language obsession possible. It gives the structure I need to get through the first and trickiest phases of language learning. Swedish and Portuguese are my most liked languages followed by Spanish and Turkish.


    HI! I love learning Swedish and I manage to find time every day to fit it into my busy schedule (homework, sports, etc), so I can only get about 10xp surely every day. I'm 14 and I love learning the language of my native land and I also love learning Spanish at school. I feel so proud when I'm out and about and I translate something from Swedish, or telling my grandmother (who is a full Swede) about learning new words. I hope to visit Sweden someday, I've become so passionate!


    How beautiful to read that so many people feel the same as me :). For me Swedish is love at first sight. The vocabulary is very special, the pronunciation is very different from other languages I know, and I especially love the accent of this language, the stress of the words. Kvinna, flicka... soooooooooooooooooo nice :).


    I've only been with Duolingo for about a month. I joined specifically to learn Swedish and I love it!

    I can't progress as quickly as I'd like to because I work full-time and I'm studying in the evenings for a professional qualification, but I'm trying to do around 100xp/day. Realistically, I'm hoping to be at a conversational level within a year.

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      A month ago I discovered Duolingo, who gives me the opportunity to learn languages all by myself. That's totally great!!! For the moment I am learning Italian. In the following few years, I would like to learn Latin, Spanish, German, and the other languages of North Europe, like Swedish ! And it would be awesome to pratise these languages in Europe, with the natives :)


      I love Swedish, it is so much fun.


      How nice to hear that you love my language. Have you done the swedish test on duo? If so, how did it go? Here are 10 lingots 4 U for your god job:)


      I actually did take the test about two weeks ago and I scored 4.94! I think I just forgot the verb "To forget." How ironic! But anyway thanks for asking!


      Wow! That´s great. The word that you forgot is "att glömma"


      I'm 14 and I love Swedish! I love the language, it's so beautiful and a lot of fun to learn. I would love to visit Sweden some day. I've been learning since November, but I'm not at intermediate level. Haven't yet finished the tree but I will soon! :D


      A piece of advice (which is what I also plan to do once Duolingo course is finished) - to advance a language further you can start reading books in it without a dictionary unless you really get stuck and don't get something. Easy books at first, then progress to more difficult ones.

      I've moved to Sweden from USA and in a week of using Duolingo I have made more progress than in several months of Swedish for Immigrants courses! It's awesome and I love it!


      I've been reading Swedish news articles for about a month now and it has really helped me in expanding my vocabulary. It's always good to get extra exposure, and I would highly recommend it!


      Yeah I became obsessed with Dutch... I just started it randomly and finished the course in 54 days... So you went faster than me -- that's awesome! It took me 1-4 hours per day, so you must have put in a lot of hard work.

      I'm going to try to finish the course this summer and do it very thoroughly. I got through about half the course in a month but stopped because I got lazy lol.


      Me! I've been a complete lunatic for Sweden for several years, finally got to visit last year, and ultimately want to move there. (I'm 23.)


      Fun that you like Swedish! I speak Swedish because I'm from Sweden but I don't really think that it's THAT fun. Anyway, good luck with the Swedish! :) I'm totally obsessed with Italian


      Oh but like Italian and Portuguese, Swedish is like music. In fact I wasn't planning on studying Swedish but trying a few lessons the sound of it just got me addicted.


      I really like swedish, I try to learn it efficiently every day. :)


      I'm almost 20 and I AM OBSESSED with Swedish. I can't imagine living without Duolingo now (after 96 days streak). And I'm honestly so jealous cause I wish Duo existed when I was 15 :)


      im 15 and OMG i love swedish although i discovered duolingo only about a week ago and ive finished six skills we were origionally supposed to use duolingo for spanish since im taking spanish in school i dont much anymore though.


      I love Germanic languages in general. My favorites are German and Dutch, then Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. I would love to study Icelandic. I wish it comes to Duolingo in the near future. :)


      I can say I am still in love with it, I just find prepositions very hard. I don't do skills for a while, I just strengthen the weak ones. :/


      You're very young and that's and advantage! I also love Swedish but I'm focused on German at this moment, I'll start with Swedish after I achieve a decent level of German, haha


      WOW, 250xp per day? I can only sometimes only scrap by on 20. Do you do the main courses the most or do you hash out the strengthen skills a lot?


      I can assume that 250 XP per day is really a huge punctuation to be achieved. I will be glad to know how someone would be able to get something like that without forgetting what he (or she) had learnt.


      What I normally do is each lesson twice while still advancing. On a given day, if there is a section with six lessons, and a section with five lessons, i will essentially do each of these lessons twice (220 XP). I would then review a few lessons (usually three or four). In total, I'm on Duolingo for just over an hour and a half each day.


      Jag älska svenska! Been a svesnkophile for awhile now ... mostly, it's the fact that I am an electronic synthpop musician (http://www.synthetikfm.com) and have made a lot of music contacts in Sverige ... and I just really love how the language is structured. Swedish stuff kept coming up on my facebook, and then I found a webcomic called "Stand Still, Stay Silent" (http://www.sssscomic.com) which takes place in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia ... and it seems to have launched me on really trying to learn the language, and also brushing up on my second language, Spanish. Spanish is a more useful language here in the states, but Swedish for me is one of those "why not?" languages. :)


      I used to be obsessed with learning swedish but i sadly had to put it aside for a few months due to gcse exams coming up,now i feel like im back at step one (im still pretty good with the basics)


      I'm very interested in the languages of northern Europe, and I'm studying Danish and Finnish as well as Swedish. Swedish is one of the beautiful sounding languages I know of, and I find it's not that difficult. I can totally understand your obsession, Ben. I see that since your original post you've come a long way linguistically speaking!

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