"The motorway."

Translation:An mótarbhealach.

3 years ago


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Is it fair to assume that mótarbhealach gets away with openly flouting the slender/slender broad/broad rule because it's a combination of two other words?

3 years ago


Yep. Newly coined and borrowed words generally don't have to follow the rule. At least until they've been natavized. And compound words can be free from it too, but most are newer.

3 years ago

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It says mórbealach is the correct answer, but I thought it should be mótarbhealach. Or are both correct?

1 year ago


"mórbhealach" is the Irish for "highway" (also "bealach mór", "bóthar mór", "mórbhóthar", "bóthar", etc)

"Mótarbhealach" is the Irish for "motorway", but some would argue that "motorway" and "highway" are synonyms.

The default answer for this exercise is "An mótarbhealach", though "An mórbhealach" might have been added as an alternative answer. If you entered something else, but it was closer to "An mórbhealach" than "An mótarbhealach, then Duolingo will tell you that is an acceptable correct answer.

1 year ago


It has corrected mótarbheleach to mórbealach for me, but it also corrects mórbealch to mótarbheleach

1 year ago
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