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Why is my 400 day streak gone?!?

Last week I downloaded the most recent version of Duolingo. I was somewhere around a 400 day streak, give or take a few days. Friday night, I was doing my lesson before going out, but there was a glitch and I was unable to complete a lesson for the day. After some time, I decided to stop worrying about it and put my streak freeze to good use- for like the first time ever. I got home around 1am Saturday and immediately checked Duolingo to make sure that I still had my streak. The streak freeze was back up for sale in the Duo Shop, but my streak was GONE! I immediately messaged Duolingo, but I never got a response. I thought maybe it was just a glitch and would come back, but it hasn't. I am devastated that I no longer have anything to show for my hard work and dedication. Also, I have continued practicing every day since, despite having lost a lot of my motivation. BUT, every day since last Friday when this happened my streak has remained at 0! Why is this happening? I haven't missed a day since I started this journey and I really am so upset.

April 4, 2015



I looks like your daily goal is set to 10. And either your streak freeze went off on the 28th or else you purchased one on the 28th. I'm still trying to learn how this https://www.duolingo.com/users/abbyr8806 works.

I'm not a tech, but I hope they are able to figure things out for you.


https://www.duolingo.com/users/abbyr8806 Basically displays information about the user.

For example it can tell someone how many lingots they have by pressing ctrl + f and searching "rupees". "daily_goal" will find their Daily Goal, etc...


Are you sure your Streak freeze had not been used prior to you missing the Friday lessons? Are you meeting your Coach target every day? If your Coach target is set for 20 XP but you only get 10 XP then you could loose your Streak (or use up your Streak Freeze). I have my target set to 1XP to make sure that I can easily reach it.


Would it help to think of your score as 21, 9, 7, 2, 2 ?


Honestly...No. :(


I just had something similar and truly bizarre happen to me. Yesterday I completed my lesson well before midnight and I had a streak freeze. Today I even got an email telling me I was on 97 day streak. tonight I logged in to do my lesson for the day (again, well before midnight, and not only was my streak freeze gone, so was my streak, and I got a notification saying i lost my wager. What was even more odd is that yesterdays XP points were showing against today (sunday) on the graph but the flame was showing as 0 and unticked until I finished tonights lesson (again before midnight) I hope i can get my streak restored, and get my streak freeze and wager refunded, but the support link on the left side of the screen is gone so I can't even raise a ticket about it. :-(


Yes, I am sure that my streak freeze had not been used until Friday the 27th. And yes, after it was supposed to be "used" the 27th, I purchased another one on the 28th. You talk about my daily goal being related to the streak...but up until a few minutes ago I had it set at 50xp/day. It has been set on this for about as long as I've had Duolingo, and the great majority of days I practice I do not meet the 50xp goal. This has never affected my streak, as long as I got some xp for the day, so I'm confused about that.... Thanks for the responses.


Since it looks like a glitch, I recommend that you not get discouraged. Keep meeting your daily goal. Your work will show up on the userpage even if it isn't showing up next to the flame. If there is a chance of having it restored to the flame counter, you will need to keep going. So, please don't get discouraged. :)


Are you using the iOS app? And do you primarily use one of the apps or do you do use the website? The coach goal has always been tied to the streak, so if your goal had been set at 50 xp/day and you were not meeting your goal, then you would have lost your streak the first time this happened.


Yes, I use the iOS app primarily, but I do also use the website. I have had a 50xp goal for well over a year, until I changed it to 10xp after starting this thread. There have been a great amount of days out of those 400 that I did not meet the xp goal. More often than not. But, as long as I at least completed one lesson, which I ALWAYS have, I have never lost my streak until this incident. I got to around 400 days like that, so having people tell me that I have to meet my xp goal on this thread is news to me, because that didn't ever seem to be the case. I only lost my streak due to one glitch/one day. With having the streak freeze, I never thought that one night would screw up a 400ish day streak.


Before coach was introduced to the website, the website had an automatic XP goal of 1XP. Once coach was introduced, you could set it to 1XP. But once you use your phone the website would sync with the phone's goal.


Your coach goal for the site seems to be set to 10XP So you needed to do at least 10 XP per day to maintain your streak. Were there days when you did less than 10 XP? As that could loose you your streak.


you got a 400 day streak?!?! Waht? I can't usually keep mine longer than like a week.... :/


I think it is the streak freeze I have read similar situations were people buy the streak freeze and then there streak goes back to zero. Now I am not buying streak freezes anymore

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